Sandra Bullock Gravitates To Minions and TV

Sandra Bullock in The Minions

Sandra Bullock may not have won an Oscar for her role in Gravity, but she is laughing all the way to the bank with her check in upwards of $70 million, per Bullock worked a pretty sweet deal by taking $20 million up front, asking for fifteen percent of the film’s first dollar gross. Sandra will also receive a portion of DVD sales.

The savvy business woman that she is, Bullock wants to bring her Miss Congeniality character, Gracie Hart back to life, as reported by Only this time, Sandra will be bringing her to life in our very own homes on TV. While we all know and love Sandra Bullock on the big screen, not many people know that she is no stranger to the world of television. Bullock actually made millions while producing The George Lopez Show from 2002 to 2007, as affirmed by

Bullock not only loved the comedy and characters in Miss Congeniality, but she made many FBI agent friends as Sandra was doing research for the movie. After all this time, Sandra still stays in contact with those agents. A description of Bullock’s TV version of Miss Congeniality has been quoted by as being a cross between Bridesmaids and 24.

Until then, Bullock’s fans can look forward to her role as the super-villain Scarlet Overkill in The Minions. Sandra is busy doing voice overs for her character in this prequel to the beloved Despicable Me, as reported by Bullock’s character, Overkill, alongside her husband Herb (Jon Hamm), devise an evil plan to take over the world. We would be sorely disappointed if they didn’t try to have world power!

While attending the London Film Festival recently, Bullock told she has a whole new respect for actors who do voiceovers in the studio. Bullock admitted, “Minions is not an easy job. Once again, (as in Gravity) you’re acting with nothing. I seem to be on a path of acting with nothing!” Fans will gravitate to Sandra Bullock regardless of the role.