Pakistani Cannibal Arrested After He Admits To Eating Dead Baby

Pakistan seems to be a hot source for odd news of late! In the latest such news, a convicted cannibal from the small town of Darya Khan in Pakistan has been re-arrested two years after his release from jail for committing the same crime. The cannibal in question is Mohammad Arif, 35. His brother Mohammad Farman, 30 – is also an accused in the crime. Both of them have been in the past arrested and convicted for digging up graves and eating human flesh. The brothers were released in August 2013 after serving a two year sentence. However, the sentence seems to have done nothing to dent the confidence of the cannibals who seem to have gone back to being the hard core cannibals they were.

The elder brother Arif has now been re-arrested by the police on Monday after they found a young baby’s head – among other body parts in his home, according to Reuters. According to a district police chief from the area, Ameer Abdullah, the police conducted a raid at Arif’s home after locals complained about a foul stench emanating from the house. “We have arrested one of the brothers, Mohammad Arif, and are conducting raids for the arrest of the other brother,” Abdullah said. Arif has since then admitted to have eaten the baby – who he claims was stolen from a graveyard.

Mohammed Arif, the Pakistani cannibal who was arrested. His brother, also a cannibal is absconding.

The Mohammad brothers of Pakistan, now famed cannibals shot to infamy back in April 2011 when they were arrested after a body of their neighbor, 24-year-old cancer patient Saira Parveen, who passed away, was found in their home. A day after Parveen was cremated, few of her relatives went to visit her grave only to see that the grave had caved in. Further investigations revealed that her body was not in it either. According to a BBC report, the arrests back then happened when people complained about a stench emanating from the home of the two. When the police raided their homes, the found the mutilated body of the woman with both her legs cut off. The brothers had also apparently cooked the flesh and were preparing a feast. An axe was also recovered which was apparently used to “de-humanize” the body. The rest of the body was intact inside a sack, under a bed. The BBC had also famously attempted an interview with the cannibal brothers after their release.

Under Pakistani law, cannibalism is not a crime. Since the brothers had not killed anyone and had only desecrated graves of people who were already dead, they were charged under a law that can convict anyone who desecrates a grave. Following the arrests, the cannibals had allegedly confessed to have eaten hundreds of bodies. It is now feared that in the eight months since their release, they may have eaten other bodies as well.

Do you think these cannibals deserve a harsher punishment?

[Images Via PakistanTV and SMH]