April 14, 2014
'Watch Dogs' Gameplay Featurette Tells A Story Of Justice, Revenge [Video]

A new Watch Dogs gameplay featurette has been released via a technology news site, and it explains what drives the game's protagonist. What we know is that Aiden Pearce is a master hacker who eventually takes control of a futuristic Chicago by use of the most advanced smartphone we've ever seen.

What we might not know is that Pearce is driven by the need to protect his family. When someone who tried to come after him ended up killing his niece, he is driven by the pain to figure out who is behind it. He is given the chance to have the same freedom over mobile technology as the one who's after him, but it means he has to work under cover and become a walking target for law enforcement.

Watch Dogs gameplay will have you hacking into the CToS network and using the city itself as a weapon as you track down the one responsible for the death in your family.

The primary focus is on the phone that Aiden Pearce uses in his quest. So much information is involved in what we do with smartphones we have today that if someone hacked into them from a distance and messed around with the information, we could be ruined within a week. Ubisoft is aiming to see how dynamic they can make the world around you, even giving a disturbing amount of cause and effect if you mess with the wrong people.

Aiden Pearce has been hacking all his life, and when the game begins, that power to take what he wants ends up backfiring, and it changes him. The Watch Dogs gameplay appears to be giving you a taste of what it's like to be a member of the NSA and take your abilities a little too far. You can do whatever you want to anybody over a data network, even watch them through their own webcam when they aren't aware of it.

Of course, there is also the action involved when the police are coming after you and you have to risk creating a traffic jam or end up arrested. There have even been rumors of a robot spider and possibly an animatronic Godzilla you might find and control.

With the abilities of a master hacker and the futuristic city of Chicago at your fingertips, what kind of antics would you be tempted to pull off with Watch Dogs? Are you ready to see the consequences of those actions later on?

Find out this Summer when Ubisoft gives us access to its Watch Dogs gameplay.