Theo James Admits That He Hasn’t Read ‘Allegiant’

Theo James

Theo James recently admitted that he’s yet to crack the spine on Veronica Roth’s Allegiant.

Although the Golden Boy alum plays Four in the big screen adaptation of Divergent, James has yet to finish reading the young adult series. According to Tiger Beat, the actor decided to forgo the final installment of the trilogy since he’s preparing for his role in Allegiant.

In other words, don’t start telling your family and friends that Theo James isn’t a fan of Roth’s books. The guy is just busy getting ready to bring the character to life once again for Allegiant, a story that is reportedly getting split into two feature films.

This tidbit of info wasn’t the only thing James revealed during his recent Twitter Q&A session with the folks at Sugarscape. Theo also tackled his favorite food (pepperoni pizza), Four’s favorite song (“War” by Edwin Starr), and his desire to live under a rock as opposed to a pineapple. Don’t look at us that way — we didn’t ask the questions.

Now that you’re properly educated on Theo James and his deliberate decision to skip over the last installment of Roth’s series, we can move on to recent news about the Allegiant. Since studios love to wring as much cash as they can from their hit franchises, the boys and girls and Lionsgate will split the final film in half. They did the same thing with Breaking Dawn and Mockingjay.

According to MTV News, the decision to break Allegiant into two films was apparently based entirely on how well Divergent performed at the box office. Since the series definitely has a following, it’s doubtful that Theo James and Shailene Woodley fans will complain too much about the situation.

“We knew when we signed up for it that if the first one did well, hopefully we could do a second one, and if it did really well, the third one would be split into two,” co-star Ansel Elgort explained.

Woodley added, “At one point, I heard that it was not going to happen, and then now it is happening. You never know, man. Life changes every day, right? You’ve just got to really surrender to the process.”

Specific dates for the release of Allegiant are still unknown as of this writing. However, this should give star Theo James plenty of time to pick up a copy of Veronica Roth’s novel.

[Image via Lionsgate / Summit Entertainment]