William Shatner Writes To The Captain Kirk…Of USS Zumwalt

William Shatner as Captain Kirk…we’re all familiar with that, but William Shatner to Captain Kirk?

Sounds like the captain of the Enterprise is talking – or, in this case, writing – to himself.

But, believe it or not, the captain of the US Navy’s most scientifically advanced, futuristic vessel, the USS Zumwalt, is named Captain Kirk. And he just got a letter from Captain Kirk of the Enterprise — or, at least, from William Shatner, the actor who played him.

Shatner, who has a new movie coming out later this month according to a report in the Columbus Dispatch, penned the letter to Captain James Kirk and the crew of the USS Zumwalt.

An image of the letter, which was apparently a response to an invitation to the USS Zumwalt’s commissioning, appears in a Business Insider report. It says:

“Unfortunately, I can’t be with you when your vessel is commissioned and obviously your captain, Captain Kirk, is dear to my heart. So forgive me for not attending, my schedule won’t allow me, but know that you are in our thoughts – Mr. & Mrs. Shatner – and that we bless you and hope that you have a safe journey wherever your ship takes you.”

While it’s unlikely that the USS Zumwalt will take the real life Captain Kirk to the “final frontier” explored by William Shatner as Captain Kirk of the Enterprise, it is entirely likely that the vessel and those like it could see duty in the far-flung corners of the earth.

While William Shatner was unable to join Captain Kirk and his crew for the commissioning of his vessel, the Montreal, Canada native has been keeping himself busy. Shatner didn’t say what exactly was keeping him busy in the letter, but he has been busy fretting over the release of his upcoming movie on Twitter:

Shatner’s World is William Shatner’s one-man show. He performed the show live on Broadway in 2012 and is releasing the film version to a limited number of theaters April 24. According to the Columbus Dispatch report, William Shatner will send a tweet to anyone who attends the show and posts a picture of their tickets or receipts. No word yet whether the real Captain James Kirk or any of the crew of the USS Zumwalt’s schedule will allow them to attend the opening of William Shatner’s show.