‘Rio 3’ Movie: The Cast Opens Up On Where The Next Sequel Should Go

The Rio 3 movie probably hasn’t even been written yet, or if it has, the ink hasn’t even dried on the script. However, after trying to fight Captain America: The Winter Soldier in theaters and not quite winning, Rio 2 is still enough of a success to warrant another sequel.

Of course, even bad movies like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen can be box office successes, but Rio 2 was up against one of the most anticipated and Easter egg-filled Marvel films to date. That says a lot for how good it had to be to even come close to Captain America.

The original Rio followed the story of a macaw who was sent to Rio De Janeiro to mate with another blue macaw. Jewel, voiced by Anne Hathaway, was the one chosen to mate with Blu (Jesse Eisenberg), but not before the two were captured by smugglers. A toucan taught Blu how to fly after they escaped the cages, and the rest is history.

Director Carlos Saldanha, who had also helmed the Ice Age films, says he already has ideas for the Rio 3 movie:

“It’s a little early, granted. I want to see how Rio is accepted by the audience, and how people take this sequel. Of course, I have a lot of stories to tell, so we’re [starting to] prepare for it. Because we love these characters so much, and there are a lot of things in my head that maybe I couldn’t put in the movie. I wanted to take them to a different place. So I don’t know yet. We’ll see what happens.”

Of course, literally taking the film to “a different place” could make the title of the Rio 3 movie change. If it’s not taking place in Rio De Janeiro, why name it the same, other than for familiarity? Rio 2 started there, even if they did spend most of the film in the Amazon rain forest.

Anne Hathaway stated that she’s just happy to be involved, and trusts the filmmakers:

“I never really let myself go there, because there are writers and a director and a whole film studio. I’m just happy to show up for the ride! I mean, I trust these guys. They know these characters inside and out, and they tell great stories. I just hope that I’m there!”

Rodrigo Santoro, who plays the human Tulio, has a definite idea what he wants to see next time:

“I would love to have Tulio singing. Because we actually came up with what we call ‘Bird-ish.’ It’s his language, when he believes he’s communicating with the birds. So it would be very nice to see him come up with a [musical] number where he sings in ‘bird-ish.'”

What would you like to see when the Rio 3 movie comes around?