‘Game Of Thrones’ Director Talks Shocking Twist [Spoilers]

For those who haven’t seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones, this is a warning to stop reading because a huge shocking twist went down.

During the episode King Joffrey, a universally hated character, begins to choke out of nowhere and drops dead.

Except King Joffrey wasn’t choking and it was revealed that he was poisoned, although the ‘who’ in that equation wasn’t revealed. Ironically, King Joffrey dies in the arms of both of his parents, Jaime and Cersei, a change that isn’t in line with the original Game of Thrones books.

King Joffrey’s death is considered to be one of the best moments of the series. The Huffington Post spoke with director Alex Graves on the death of King Joffrey for “The Lion and the Rose” episode otherwise referred to as the Purple Wedding. Additionally, the director also spoke about what is next for the continued season of Game of Thrones.

Of the build to King Joffrey’s death, Graves said:

“The scene develops at the wedding feast just to make it feel like something’s coming and that it’s really going to be all about Tyrion and possibly Sansa, and that Sansa might be in danger, or that Oberyn’s behind it. Or just misdirecting, logically, the audience from what is about to occur, while at the same time carefully hiding — in the episode, if you watch back — sort of the progression of the murder as it takes place. In other words, you’re seeing the murderer do it and you don’t know it.”

Obviously the death of King Joffrey really ups the stakes for the rest of the season, and according to the director, who directed four episodes of Game of Thrones, last night’s episode and the events that took place are only the tip of the iceberg.

“Well let me just say this, I directed four episodes [this season] and number two [“The Lion and the Rose”] was the smallest episode. Wait till you see episode 10. The finale is really a finale. It’s not the episode after episode nine, it’s the big one.”

He continues:

“The bad guys have been in control for such a long time that things are so bad that something’s gotta give, and there’s an enormous fracturing that happens in this season that is going to completely surprise you, episode by episode, and none more so than the finale.”

Although King Joffrey was a nuisance, he brought an interesting tone with his villainous role. Just because Joffrey is gone doesn’t mean other villains won’t emerge in Game of Thrones. The director was a bit hesitant to discuss certain villains but he said fans shouldn’t worry.

“I wouldn’t be real worried about that fact that there’s no villains, I wouldn’t be too worried about there not being enough trouble on the show.”

You can catch Game of Thrones on Sundays on HBO at 9 pm.

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