‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3 Now Available On iTunes In The UK

Teen Wolf fans living in the UK now have a legitimate way to get their hands on the third season of MTV’s popular program.

Sky Living previously aired the first two seasons of Teen Wolf, though the broadcaster ultimately decided to ditch the series before the third batch of episodes came barreling down the pipeline. Although fans in the United Kingdom had to wait quite a while to get season three, late is certainly better than never.

According to the folks at Seenit, iTunes has the third round of episodes of Teen Wolf available for download in the UK. In other words, you might want to avoid reading anything related to the season finale before you’ve properly worked your way through the show. Otherwise you could step in a pile of spoilers, something you definitely want to avoid.

If you want to pick up the episodes in high definition, then you’ll need to cough up £24.99. Folks who don’t need to see Teen Wolf with razor-sharp clarity can snag the standard definition version of the episodes £19.99. In this writer’s humble opinion, the extra five pounds is worth the price.

Chris Ottinger, MGM’s President of International Television Distribution and Acquisitions, was clearly excited that Teen Wolf fans in the UK had access to episodes. He said in a recent statement:

“We are delighted to not only officially premiere season three of ‘Teen Wolf’ on iTunes in the UK, but to offer customers a unique platform to enjoy the entire series. ‘Teen Wolf’ has one of the most dedicated and fervent fan-bases we have witnessed — they asked for the series in the UK, and we delivered.”

Unfortunately, folks who love watching attractive people turn into werewolves might have to wait a while before they get their hairy paws on season four. The next installment of MTV’s show is presently slated to hit the cable network on June 23 in the United States.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Teen Wolf — Season 3 Part 2 should arrive on DVD in the US on June 17. This will give fans a few days to get reacquainted with the storyline before diving head-first into the new season. Judging from the way things wrapped up, fans should anticipate plenty of drama and romance from the new episodes.

Are you glad that the third season of Teen Wolf is finally available for purchase in the UK? Do you hope another broadcaster will pick up the series before season four hits MTV?

[Image via MTV]