KFC Chicken Corsage For Prom – Yes, It’s Real

Kentucy Fried Chicken is selling a chicken corsage.

Yes, you read that right. They are selling a piece of chicken surrounded by baby’s breath, to be worn on the wrist of your prom date, for “only $20” plus shipping and handling.

When I first saw this story, I thought it was an April Fools joke being recirculated. But, no, this video was released April 9th, with this description:

Love can be awkward. #HowDoYouKFC?

Make it less awkward by surprising your date with a corsage that will make her eyes light up and her mouth water. http://www.kfc.com/corsage/

Yes, love can be awkward. This video is purposefully awkward.

First, the young lady lovingly pins a regular corsage on her date. Then he hands her a box, she opens it, and the look on her face is just about what my face would look like if someone expected me to wear chicken. She looks to her parents. Her mom shrugs. So, she puts on the corsage, leans down to smell it and says…

“That smells wonderful.”

But the best part is definitely the end, when she leans over to take a bite of it while dancing.

#HowDoYouKFC is getting a lot of hilarious responses on twitter.

“Proof the KFC really understands the young folks!” (@ElleQue71281)

“Make your high school prom even more awkward with this KFC chicken corsage” (@OakeandKeri)

“I think I may be moving to America” (@HalfBackMonkey)

Gawker had a more morbid take on the corsage, with their article titled “KFC Selling Fried Chicken Prom Corsages as World Falls Into Darkness.”

It may not be April Fools, but this chicken corsage looks like a great April-Fools-level prank, and maybe it will help KFC beat out Chick-Fil-A in sales. 250 thousand views say that lots of people are seeing the humor in this clever ad campaign and sharing it with their victims – I mean, friends.

The best part? Newsday reports that people are actually using the KFC golden chicken corsage to invite their dates to prom, then tweeting about it.

“Thank you @kfc for asking me to prom with a chicken corsage. #putawingonit” (@AlyssaEmilia)

For some reason, there are only 100 available in Louisville, Kentucky. Luckily you can order the corsage online from Nanz & Kraft, chicken not included. The corsage arrives with a five dollar gift card that allows you to customize the corsage with Original Recipe, Extra Crispy or Kentucky Grilled Chicken and fresh baby’s breath.

Honey, I brought home Kentucky Fried Chicken! Well, no, it’s just one piece…