Luke Bryan Is Just As Silly At Home As He Is On Stage

Luke Bryan Fake

Luke Bryan isn’t putting on a front when he acts a fool on-stage.

If you ever wondered if the country music star was simply putting on some sort of goofy act when he’s performing for his fans, then you can stop worry about the situation. According to Bryan’s wife, the guy’s sense of humor doesn’t magically vanish when he heads home.

In addition to describing Luke Bryan as a complete gentlemen, Caroline Bryan also took a moment to address her husband’s inherent silliness with the folks at People magazine. In short: the guy tries to spread a little fun wherever he goes.

“Everything that Luke has done and been like at home is coming out in public. He’s not fake, he’s not putting on an act. In college, we used to go dancing in a club till 4 am, and he’s just as silly at home as he is on stage. He walks around dancing all day, just being goofy,” she told the publication.

In case you were wondering, Luke and Caroline Bryan have a very strong and loving relationship. The Inquisitr previously reported that the singer goes the extra mile to ensure that his marriage is successful. If you’re looking for a few pointers in that department, then Bryan definitely has a couple of winning ideas.

“We don’t have big throw-down fights. If we have a beef, we always talk it out instead of letting it snowball,” Luke previously explained.

He continued, “Every night before bed, I rub my wife’s feet. She says they’re the best foot rubs on Earth. We do little nights out together. One Valentine’s Day, we got each other’s initials tattooed on our ring fingers!”

Folks who are also looking for tips on putting together a successful tour should also consult Luke Bryan as soon as possible. Forbes points out that the country music sensation is preparing to kick off the second leg of his “That’s My Kind of Party Tour,” though it will cost you quite a bit more to see him act silly on-stage.

The average ticket price for the first leg of the aforementioned tour was $145.81. However, folks who want to catch him later this year will need to fork over around $216.73 on the secondary market. This is an increase of roughly 48 percent, which means that demand for good seats is presently on the rise.

Of course, that’s a small price for Luke Bryan fans to pay to see the guy do his thing live. Judging from the reviews his shows receive, the tickets are definitely worth the cash.

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