Gourmet French Toast Options Might Help You Love Mornings

Sorcha Szczerbiak

To start your morning with a smile, try feasting on one of the gourmet french toast selections that are rising in popularity at chain restaurants like IHOP, and in specialty establishments around the United States. These flavorful choices turn the idea of traditional French toast on its head, often using familiar ingredients to prove how almost anything can be used to create this breakfast favorite.

IHOP already offers a Bananas Foster-inspired French toast dish, and a variety that's filled with berries. Until May 25th, diners can order a third type of French toast called cinnamon swirl brioche. If you like cinnamon rolls, this gourmet French toast will surely tempt your taste buds. The meal features three slices of brioche bread that are dipped in vanilla batter and grilled. After that part of the process, the slices get stuffed with a cinnamon roll filling, and finally drizzled with a cream cheese icing.

The French toast is available separately, or as part of a combo meal. By choosing the latter option, diners get two eggs, plus bacon, a slice of grilled ham, or sausage links.

If you're a Seattle native, or ready to whip up some gourmet French toast in your own kitchen, a chef named Jason Stratton offers a Spanish version of the breakfast favorite. It gets a kick of sweetness courtesy of a sherry caramel sauce, and the main part of the dish is made from bread that's been soaked in custard. It's part of the dessert menu at a Seattle restaurant called Aragona, but you can also make it at home. This type of gourmet French toast is typically enjoyed by Spanish people during Lent, but it's a delicious diversion from the norm even outside of the Easter season.

In Providence, Rhode Island, a foodie's paradise called Kitchen serves up satisfying brunch options ideal for helping you overcome weariness caused by an abundance of weekend festivities. One of the highlights of the gourmet French toast served here is it comes complete with a jug of local maple syrup. Also, since croissants are used for the bread portion, they'll offer a light, flaky texture that's not common to French toast, but seems to work well in this respect.

Thanks to savory options like these, it's simple to satisfy a sweet tooth while also enjoying something different than what you'd likely expect to be on offer at a traditional diner. Gourmet French toast is clearly on the rise at local restaurants and chain establishments alike. Even if you aren't usually a morning person, these delicious choices might help you greet daybreak with a more cheerful attitude.

photo credit: Ani-Bee via photopin cc