‘Game of Thrones’ Has A Purple Wedding, Fans Across The Realm Celebrate

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones.

This week’s episode of Game of Thrones saw another wedding, something which fans of the show by now probably look forward to with grudging and depressing memories; after last season’s Red Wedding — in which Robb Stark, the King in the North was killed along with his wife, unborn son, mother Catelyn Stark, and most of the Stark allies by the Boltons and the Freys — who could blame them?

“The Lion and the Rose,” the second Game of Thrones episode of season 4 (written by George R.R. Martin) catches viewers up with what’s happening with Bran’s group up north, advancing his story line well past where A Storm of Swords has him. The same goes for Theon Greyjoy, who is shown as Reek, broken servant to Ramsay Snow.

Back in King’s Landing, King Joffrey continues to show what kind of king he really is when he hosts a breakfast and accepts gifts for the wedding. We see Tywin Lannister give the other Valyrian steel sword to Joffrey, who promptly uses it to slash Tyrion’s wedding gift to pieces. Tension builds as we see Joffrey and Margaery tie the knot, then at his wedding feast, Joffrey continues to belittle his uncle to dead silence of all in attendance.

And then finally, the moment all Game of Thrones fans have been waiting years for, Joffrey begins choking. And choking. And then he falls to the ground sputtering before turning over to reveal that he’s not actually choking, he’s been poisoned. In an odd twist of fate, he dies in the arms of both his parents, Jaime and Cersei (which departs from the Game of Thrones books), yet still manages to get one last dig into Tyrion, pointing at him in accusation. Cersei screams so furiously that you see spittle flying out of her mouth and Tyrion is taken into custody for murdering the king.

But we’ll worry about that next week.

For now, the internet is rejoicing:

It’s worth noting that fans of the Game of Thrones books managed to keep the secret of Joffrey’s death off the internet for a whopping 14 years. Fans who watch the show had best be on guard for avoiding spoilers online.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with actor Jack Gleeson about filming his death scene and also asked when he found out about the fate of his character. “I knew from Day 1,” said Gleeson. “When I got the part, I read the first book. And before that, I googled the character summaries.”

Gleeson has said that with his Game of Thrones ending comes the end of his acting career as well. An actor from the age of eight, Gleeson said he simply doesn’t enjoy it as much as he once did.

“When you make a living from something, it changes your relationship with it. It’s not like I hate it, it’s just not what I want to do.”

Having said that, going out with such a bang on Game of Thrones is no doubt a great way to end a career on a high note.

What was your reaction to King Joffrey’s death?