Bloggers Remember ‘For Brown Girls’ Creator Karyn Washington

The untimely death of For Brown Girls creator Karyn Washington has been at the forefront of headlines all over the Web.

While most media outlets have been reporting the series of events leading up to her apparent suicide, there have also been a number of bloggers and journalists who have opted to reflect on her death from a different perspective. Instead of simply relaying the news, they’ve chosen to pay homage.

The substantial number of tributes were all relatively heart-warming. However, one piece in particular has caught the attention of hundreds of readers.

Gorgeous In Grey blogger Ty Alexander also shared glints of her close relationship with Washington. In August of last year, Alexander blogged about losing her mother. So, when Washington was on the brink of losing her mother to cancer, she reached out to Alexander for moral support. The two reportedly began exchanging emails and forged a friendship. Alexander also shared a screenshots of the first emails they exchanged back in August.

Washington penning a heart-warming tribute to Washington, expressing how her death hits so close to home.

“I should have told her I had thought about suicide. That … I think about it daily,” Alexander wrote. “That … I wonder how much easier my life would be to not wake up everyday in tears. That … I wonder what my mother is doing without me. Although I’ve never had suicidal ideation (plotted my death), I still wonder what would happen if I just wasn’t here. If life just stopped. […] “

“I cried because I couldn’t save her. I was way too busy saving myself. You see, her story is a reflection of mine,” she wrote.

On Tuesday, Apr. 8, Washington died of an apparent suicide. According to Atlanta Black Star, sources close to Washington have explained that she’d been battling depression and mental illness since the death of her mother in 2013.

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