Jennifer Garner Reveals Her Teenage Crush

Jennifer Garner Was Head Over Heels For Another Famous Actor

Even though she’s married to Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner admitted that she once had a crush on her Draft Day costar, Kevin Costner.

Garner recently spoke to On The Red Carpet about the new film, and she revealed that when she was younger, she watched Bull Durham and fell “so hard” for the 53-year-old Oscar winner.

“Well, he’s still Kevin Costner; he still knows exactly what [to] do,” Garner said. “And I didn’t care a thing about baseball, but I sure loved watching him.”

Costner portrays Cleveland Browns coach Sonny Weaver Jr. in Draft Day, and Garner plays the team’s lawyer, Ali, who is also Sonny’s love interest. Garner says that football and non-football fans will like the movie, and she called it a “chick flick that is wrapped up in football.”

“But really, at the end of it, it’s a romance,” Jennifer Garner said. “There’s an incredibly beautiful, romantic story in the middle of it.”

Ali is also a die-hard football fan, and she is very passionate about the Browns. Garner said she saw the “passion” the fans had while they were filming.

“We loved shooting in Cleveland,” she said. “We really fell for the Dawg Pound there, as the football fans call themselves, and you see that passion.”

In real life, Jennifer Garner is married to the next Batman, Ben Affleck. During an interview on Live! With Michael & Kelly, Garner said that she loves to watch daughter Violet’s basketball games, and ends up cheering for both teams.

“I clap for everyone who makes a shot on either team, because I feel like, good shot, great job,” Garner said.

Affleck, however, is the complete opposite of Garner, she said.

“Meanwhile, he’s freaking out and I’m constantly like, ‘Stop it!'” she said.

Jennifer Garner added that Affleck will yell at their daughter’s teammates, saying things like, “She’s open!” Garner then has to step in and calm him down.

“It’s like, ‘Ben, they’re eight,” Garner said. “You’re yelling at an 8-year-old little girl. She will see that Violet is open, and she will get the ball to her when it’s appropriate.'”

Before she became an actress, Jennifer Garner admitted that she had different careers in mind. A recent report from The Inquisitr stated that she had an interest in becoming a doctor or a librarian. But the more she learned about it, the more she wanted to be an actress.

“It comes out of wanting to learn more, as opposed to ‘I want to be a star,'” she said. “I never felt that way.”