Santana Garrett Poses As The Ultimate Warrior

One of the top female wrestlers, according to PWI, just showed off her ultimate strength from parts unknown! Santana Garrett, who is also known as Brittany on TNA, recently did a photo shoot with Modern Myth Photography. What is unique is she posed as The Ultimate Warrior!

According to the TNA Impact Wrestling Website, Santana Garrett’s TNA persona, Brittany, is summarized as the following:

“Brittany made her TNA Wrestling debut as part of the Knockouts Division in March 2014, defeating Gail Kim in her first match! A second generation wrestler, Brittany grew up around the sport of wrestling throughout the Florida area. After completing her training in 2009, Brittany competed in the independent ranks before getting her chance to join TNA in 2014! Now a part of the Knockouts Division, the newcomer is excited to have a chance to battle against the best in the world!”

Prior to becoming “Brittany” on TNA, Santana Garrett appeared in many other promotions, primarily independent. This includes IWA Mid-South, XPW, Orlando Pro Wrestling, SHIMMER, WOW, and Coastal Championship Wrestling. Also, this writer personally got to see Santana wrestle at an event for Riot Pro Wrestling during their show up in Titusville, Florida. Prior to Santana’s match at the Gibson Youth Center, she suffered a loss in which a Tombstone Piledriver took her out.

Anyways, Santana Garrett showed off her “Ultimate Warrior” through the teaser picture below.

Santana Garrett as The Ultimate Warrior

I wonder if Santana Garrett snarls and shakes the ropes too. All we need now is another independent female wrestler to pose as Sting. Actually, a female version of the Blade Runners would be awesome. This writer picks either Anne Social or Daffney to be “Blade Runner Flash” while Santana remains “Blade Runner Rock”.

In other news related to The Ultimate Warrior, it is sad that a true legend had passed away as reported by The Inquisitr. In response to Warrior’s passing, the WWE discussed their wellness policy. It is unknown if Warrior, formerly Jim Hellwig, passed away due to anything that would violate the wellness program. As of now, no official cause of death is given.

This coming April 14th, starting at 9 p.m., WWE will hold a tribute show for Monday Night RAW on USA network. As for Santana Garrett, maybe her posing as the Ultimate Warrior was her way of honoring the wrestler from parts unknown. But still, it is really awesome to see an up-and-coming wrestler “cross-play” as a legend and pull it off so well. I mean, it probably wouldn’t look right if Trish Stratus (though I like her) were to pose as The Ultimate Warrior.

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