Justin Bieber’s Coachella Surprise: Joins Chance The Rapper Onstage, Selena Gomez Watched

Justin Bieber at Coachella. Oh yes! The 20-year-old was the hype man and guest of Chance The Rapper on what was day three of weekend one of the festival.

And Selena Gomez, who has been partying at Coachella with Kylie and Kendall Jenner and a host of stars from the first day, was there at the Indio, California, music and arts event with her man.

Midway through the Chicago rapper’s afternoon set Chance introduced Bieber, who was reportedly greeted with a mixed reception first before the Coachella crowd cheered the duo at the close of their performance.

As noted by Complex, Chance’s performance wasn’t streamed by Coachella but fear not.

In addition to Bieber’s own Instavid of the moment, tons of festival-goers posted Instagram and YouTube videos.

Onstage, Justin and Chance deconstructed their “Confident” collaboration — their single on Bieber’s 2013 Journals album — with the two 20-year-olds getting into some maverick dancing at the end of the song.

Dress-wise the two performers kept it casual. Chance wore denim dungarees, no shirt and a cap, while Bieber teamed a white bucket hat with black T-shirt, baggy grey shorts, black slip-ons, a gold chain (of course), a black and white neck bandana around his neck and a color pop with an orange wrist bandana.

In surprising Coachella, Bieber joins a list of other stars — Beyoncé with sister Solange and Jay Z and Diddy with Nas, Pharrell tapped up Gwen Stefani, Nelly and Snoop, while Outkast brought Janelle Monae – who shocked even the celebrity-dense festival crowd by making an appearance.

Several festival-goers noted Selena looking on at the side of the stage while Bieber jumped about like a banshee with Chance.

Others tweeted that they saw the couple holding hands.

After a whirlwind weekend in Texas last month capped by two steamy, dance videos, Selena was spotted visiting Justin late Tuesday at Miami’s Hit Factory recording studio.

It’s widely thought Jelena is a “go” once more.

Earlier in the day Bieber hinted at the Coachella surprise to come, first tweeting, “what am i up to today?? )”

Then, after his performance posting, “That was fun” followed by his video.

No doubt because of the intense controversy and rumors that trail Bieber, no-one expects to see him at a peace and love throwdown like Coachella. And certainly not in daylight, with La Selena?!

Never say never people.

Surprise performance at Coachella with @chancetherapper http://t.co/VzcdCjBanw — Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) April 13, 2014