PAX East: ‘Fenix Rage’ Is The Lovechild of ‘Super Meat Boy’ And ‘Flappy Bird’ [VIDEO]

PAX East is concluding today. Unlike other large video game conventions and shows, such as E3: Electronics Entertainment Expo or the Tokyo Game Show, PAX East isn’t as prominent, but still shows some goodies every now and then. One such interesting game is Fenix Rage, which seems to be both entertaining and frustrating…just like Flappy Bird.

According to the video by IGN, Fenix Rage is created by CEO of Green Lava Studios, Eduardo Ramirez. The game is described as a mixture of gameplays from Super Meat Boy and Flappy Bird. Elements of Sonic’s dash with the delicious satisfaction of getting Yoshi’s cookie! (Like how I mashed in like four games to describe this one game?) Anyways, from the gameplay footage, it seems that the difficulty of Fenix Rage is understandable. By how many times Greg Miller, the reporter for IGN, died in the game, it seems this game will have the same appeal as Flappy Bird. It was very entertaining to watch Ramirez just own the level in seconds though, bringing shame to Miller.

In other related news, Flappy Bird was a phenomenon which sparked a lot of controversy for its similar designs of certain elements from the Mario franchise, which includes the cheep-cheep fish and pipes. Because the creator couldn’t handle the negative backlash from gamers, he eventually took the game down. However, numerous clones sprouted about to give Flappy Bird addicts their brand new fix.

Besides the gameplay footage from PAX East, IGN also has a summary about the game on their Fenix Rage game page.

“Fenix Rage is a stylish and intense 2D platformer that will have gamers exclaim in frustration and exulting in victory as they navigate through hundreds of palm-sweating levels to reach… a cookie?!”

There is also a quick note about what system Fenix Rage will release on. The only bit of information given is that it will be a console product, but no specification which.

“NOTE: This game has been announced as a console product, but has not yet been announced for any specific platform, and may or may not be released for this system. Please check back for official info.”

Fenix Rage is categorized as a platformer, developed by Green Lava Studios, and published by Reverb Publishing. There is no specific date on when Fenix Rage will release but it is believed to be announced for a 2014 release.

For more information about Fenix Rage, check out the official website for Green Lava Studios.