‘Titanfall’ Loadouts: Customizing Your Titan For Best Results, DLC On The Way

Titanfall loadouts can be just as important as accurate aiming in Respawn’s killer IP. You can be a master at sniping on the move and racing up the walls for a better vantage point, but without the proper customization, your success is still limited.

Starting the game in Titanfall might remind you of Respawn’s previous efforts, also known as Call of Duty. After a certain amount of time, however, the game changer is ready to turn your battlefield hectic and test your ability to drive a mech. After the game tells you to “Prepare for Titanfall,” you can choose to drop your newfound weapon right on an enemy’s head or even pull off a parkour entrance to rival what we’ve seen in the movies.

You have to admit that Pacific Rim could have been so much cooler had there been a scene where someone had to jump into a Jaeger, mimicking Titanfall gameplay.

After entering your mech, your Titanfall loadouts could mean the difference between an epic win and something you hope nobody saw. Below are descriptions of the best setups we know of with the three available Titans:

  • The Atlas is the most average of the choices you have, meaning that it doesn’t have any real advantages right off. Change that by applying any weapon but the Triple Threat and Quad Rocket (both are too slow and will leave you open for an easy kill). Use the Vortex Shield and Slaved Warheads, and for your kits, choose Tactical Reactor and either the Survivor or Core Extender. This combination will give you a needed defense boost which can be used as often as possible.
  • The Stryder is the fast one which suffers from minimal defense. You will want a combination which keeps you mobile and able to fire on the go for speedy hit and run tactics. Use the 40mm Cannon, the Electric Smoke, and the Rocket Salvo. Your kits should include the Dash Quickcharger, and either the Core Extender or Core Accelerator. Your speed will only be amplified, and you will be able to make quick getaways which might contribute added damage to any mechs close by. This combination of Titanfall loadouts will prove that if they can’t hit you, they can’t destroy you.
  • The Ogre has the advantage of being powerful, but it lacks the speed of the others. Being big and cumbersome, it will need to be able to stand its ground and minimize damage taken from a barrage of attacks. Use the Plasma Railgun or the Arc Cannon for maximum damage as you absorb their fire and return it. The Particle Wall and Multi Target Missile System will aid in your ability to sit tight and fire on demand. The best kits you can use are the Regen Booster, and either the Survivor or Big Punch. All together, these Titanfall loadouts will make your Ogre a potential winner as the tank of the trio.

Although there is already DLC on the way with new maps, and an update giving you the two on two Last Titan Standing mode, many gamers are still holding out hope that there will eventually be a single player offline mode or more Titans.

Do you have a combination of Titanfall loadouts that work better than the ones listed above? Tell us about it in the comments below.