'Watch Dogs' Release Date This Summer: Cheat Codes, Other Details Revealed

The Watch Dogs release date has been set for this Summer on most major consoles, and some details have finally been released about Ubisoft's highly anticipated game. Initially meant to be a launch title for both consoles, details and even a solid release date have been long overdue.

It's probably a good thing that Assassin's Creed 5 has gotten most of the attention lately, taking the focus off the public's disappointment that Watch Dogs was delayed for over half a year. Some of the details about the Watch Dogs PS4 and Xbox One release might not be easy to digest, though.

Despite playing as master hacker Aiden Pearce, there won't be any way to cheat, that we are aware of. Some cheat codes in the past have been unintentional, but Ubisoft is not giving Watch Dogs cheat codes. Other details concerning the Watch Dogs PC release date include the fact that you will need a Uplay account to play it, even if you bought the game from Steam. Could this mean you will need to be online just to play it?

It appears Ubisoft is still determined to control its games using DRM, a fact which almost gave Assassin's Creed 4 an early grave. Just before that game was released, Ubisoft had decided against making gamers pay for a Uplay passport, though the metagame Kenway's Fleet isn't available if you don't log in to Uplay.

Creative director Jonathan Morin played the Watch Dogs gameplay demo at PAX East and said he "played [the game] and it felt right. Constant smooth frame rate & great visuals."

He didn't specify which version he was playing; PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC. Also still nothing is known about the game's promised resolution or frame rate, though rumors have pointed to a Watch Dogs PS4 resolution of 1080p. The Watch Dogs release date on Wii U is still rumored to hit this Fall.

One part of the recent trailer that might worry some is the appearance of a robot spider, something that didn't go over very well in the film Wild Wild West. Morin denied said mechanical menace exists, though, so it could have been taken out. Ubisoft could also be keeping a tight lid on any details they aren't ready to confirm yet, which of course brings back the rumors surrounding the Assassin's Creed 5 location.

As the Watch Dogs release date approaches on May 27 for most of the current major consoles, we can only say that Watch Dogs cheat codes could be about as plentiful as robot spiders.