Man Caught On Camera Urinating In Female Kindergarten Teacher’s Tea Flasks

Gao Chao

A 54-year-old man working in a Chinese kindergarten in the north eastern city of Lianyungang, has been arrested by police after he was caught on camera urinating in his colleague’s tea flasks, seemingly on a regular basis.

The four female teachers at the school grew suspicious about their tea as it started to smell strange for reasons they couldn’t explain. On their quest for answers the teachers set up a sting operation of sorts, by placing a hidden camera pointing at their tea flasks.

The suspect, cigarette-smoking Gao Chao, was taken to hospital following his arrest, to be tested for infectious diseases. Strangely, things seem to work a little differently in China, as the police subsequently said that the teacher didn’t actually commit a crime because he had no diseases, and so caused no harm to anyone!

The man’s reason for peeing in the four woman’s tea flasks? He told police that he felt his female colleagues didn’t show him enough respect and was upset that he hadn’t been promoted to head teacher at the kindergarten.

One of the four female teachers, 26-year-old Li Kao, said she was utterly furious that the police had let the man off with no charges and nothing but a warning not to do it again. She told reporters:

I first noticed there was a strange smell from my tea a few weeks ago after I returned to the class after taking the children out to play in the playground. The cups are not transparent, so it was hard to see if the liquid looked strange but there was certainly a strange smell which also came from the thermos flasks that the tea was stored in. I changed the flask and bought a new one but once I brought it to the kindergarten again I had the same problem with the strange smell.

When she complained to the head of the kindergarten about the foul smelling tea the head teacher, Qiu Li Shih, advised the woman to set up a camera in the room. They activated a camera on one of their mobile phones and hid it in a basket filled with children’s toys.

The captured footage shows the man picking up one of the woman’s flasks and holding close to his genitals. clearly urinating in it. All four of the woman have refused to return to work until the man is fired.

Eventually, the man paid each of the woman the equivalent of around $350, apologized, and said he would never perform the disgusting act again.