Former Soccer Star Pele Robbed at Gunpoint

What a surprise: former soccer star (or football star, for anyone outside the States) Pele was robbed by a group of bandits on his way home in Sao Paulo. This group of armed robbers cared more about his belongings than his fame, still fleeing with his gold necklace, a watch, and a cell phone after recognizing Pele in the passenger’s seat.

Totally unsurprising facts about the crime (um, by Brazilian standards, that is) were that the local police had not been informed of the incident and that the car was robbed upon entrance to a tunnel (which had been targeted by a nearby shanty town gang in the past). It’s no wonder that red lights are treated only as stop signs after 10 at night in Sao Paulo.

As for the tunnel, maybe Pele should take another way home?