Bubba Watson Continues Amazing Masters Play Into 2nd Round Lead

Bubba Watson did not play his best golf at last year’s Masters tournament. It’s something that Bubba is very aware of, and admits freely and openly. 2013 wasn’t his year, due in part to the fact that 2012 very much was. Watson donned the green jacket for the very first time that year, and says that he spent the next 18 months or so simply celebrating that victory.

“I was still celebrating my green jacket,” Watson told reporters on Friday according to the New York Times. “How many green jackets you got? If you had one, you would celebrate it for a year or two.”

It’s hard to blame him. Winning the Masters and wearing the iconic jacket is an honor that puts you among elite company from golf’s history. Bubba Watson fell under the spell of the win, and didn’t realize it before it was too late.

“Never been drunk before. But it was a hangover from the green jacket.”

Bubba Watson accepts his green jacket after winning the Masters Championship in 2012

As Bubba Watson celebrated the coveted win, he finally looked up at the end of the 2013 season to realize that he had fallen all the way down to 38th in the PGA Tour’s FedEx playoff standings. A far cry from the biggest win of his career the year before.

“Those things hit you,” Bubba said, reflecting on his poor 2013 performance. “You ask yourself: ‘Are you going to dedicate yourself? Are you going to practice?’ It took time, but I knew I was ready to come back.”

Over the past few days of the 2014 Masters, Bubba Watson has shown that he is definitely refocused on golf, and it seems that when he has his mind in the right place, no one can catch him.

According to ESPN, Bubba followed his opening round 69 with a second round 68, putting him at 137 through two rounds and 7 under par. Watson’s superb play has been so exemplary that his low shooting score has already knocked many players out of contention for the year’s first major championship. ESPN reports that three-time champ Phil Mickelson is among those, missing the cut at Augusta for the first time since 1997.

Bubba has hit 28 of 36 greens through his first two rounds of play, missing only two in his first round. Only two bogeys are currently on his score card.

“If I can hit greens that means I’ve hit good tee shots, and I hit good irons shots and just trying to make par from there and throw in a birdie here and there,” Watson said.

“I’m trying to get the jacket back,” Watson told reporters. “I want that feeling again.”

If he keeps playing like this, Watson is sure to take home his second Masters win, but whether or not Bubba will be able to stay focused after another victory at Augusta remains to be seen.

[Images via PGA]