Jenny McCarthy Says 'I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'

These days Jenny McCarthy is known for her strong views on vaccines than her days as a Playboy model. According to McCarthy her opinions on vaccinations are misconstrued, and because of that The View co-host has decided to speak her peace in a column for the Chicago Sun-Times.

In the column Jenny McCarthy explained that her stance has never evolved and it has always remained the same, and that it might not mean what everyone has pinned on her.

"I am not anti-vaccine. This is not a change in my stance nor is it a new position that I have recently adopted. For years, I have repeatedly stated that I am, in fact, 'pro-vaccine' and for years I have been wrongly branded as 'anti-vaccine.'"
McCarthy then went on to openly explain her own unique situation that led to her stance on vaccines. Her son Evan has autism and over the years McCarthy has argued that certain vaccines are linked to developments within the Autism disorder.

In the column McCarthy writes, "My beautiful son, Evan, inspired this mother to question the 'one size fits all' philosophy of the recommended vaccine schedule."

Back in 2008 Jenny McCarthy stated her opinion on vaccines while on Larry King Live, and because of the appearance her name has been attached to the "anti-vaccine" stance. McCarthy laments that people are not critically thinking while dealing with vaccines and children.

"What happened to critical thinking? What happened to asking questions because every child is different? I embarked on this quest not only for myself and my family, but for countless parents who shared my desire for knowledge that could lead to options and alternate schedules, but never to eliminate the vaccines."
Jenny McCarthy went on to explain her specific beliefs. "I believe in the importance of a vaccine program and I believe parents have the right to choose one poke per visit. I've never told anyone to not vaccinate."

The View co-host ends her essay by saying that she doesn't look down upon improving healthcare for children.

"This is an extremely important discussion and I am dumbfounded that these conversations are discounted and negated because the answers are not black or white. One size does not fit all. God help us all if gray is no longer an option."
In 2007 Jenny McCarthy came out and revealed that her son Evan was diagnosed back in 2005. Although she doesn't believe that her son was misdiagnosed she did note than Evan's symptoms are more in line with Landau–Kleffner syndrome.

[Image Credit: ABC]