The Shield’s Roman Reigns Set To Face Triple H At WWE Summerslam

Roman Reigns

After WrestleMania each year, the WWE goes on quest to build up until another WrestleMania season. However in the meantime, they focus on what is called “the summer angle”. This is usually a big part of the company as the WWE tests out a lot of new talent and tries to see where they can go versus in WrestleMania season where they need guarantees.

People such as AJ Lee, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, and even Randy Orton have benefited from this time of year. The Shield debuted in November of 2012 and managed to really break ground as one of the best factions WWE has seen over a year long span. They took down every major name the WWE had going, including people such as Sheamus, Big Show, and John Cena.

The Shield’s Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns ruled over the WWE for some time. Known as The Hounds of Justice, they quickly were beloved by WWE fans across the world. Currently, WWE feels that they can richly benefit from a babyface version of the faction. This is why, despite ideas to break up The Shield after WrestleMania season, they look to be keeing them together for a while longer.

The idea is to add the team to a big angle heading into the summer where they can build Roman Reigns. Reigns is considered the best potential main event star the WWE has that they have yet to explore as a singles star. One idea was to have The Shield face off against a newly formed Evolution in Randy Orton, Triple H, and Batista at Extreme Rules. This could still be in the works, but it has not been confirmed. However, WWE has been teasing it the last number of weeks.

WWE is looking to of course make Reigns the star of the group, and an idea being explored currently is to have Roman Reigns take on Triple H at Summerslam this year. This would most likely mean that The Shield will stay together at least until the end of August or September, as Summerslam could be the end of the summer angles and allow The Shield to split around their 2 year mark.

Every person in The Shield is thought to be a potential main event star once the split happens. Ambrose fits the perfect top heel mold. Rollins is a high flying spot monkey machine who can wrestle as well as anyone, bringing excitement to the fold like a great babyface should.

Meanwhile we have Reigns who clearly is the guy WWE loves to use. Yet he is not like other big men before him. He is very athletic and has a lineage of great Samoan wrestlers in his family that he is related to. The Rock happens to be his cousin for example. So in reality, Reigns might be the star out of the group but no man in The Shield will go downhill once the split happens it seems.

Reigns’ rivalry with Triple H is said to have begun at this week’s RAW as he speared The Game in the middle of the ring. This will most likely cause Triple H to pull everything he can to bring down The Shield and Reigns in particular. It is uncertain how they will address everything storyline wise. What we do know is that it seems The Shield will remain together during the extent of the feud.

WWE realizes the star power they have with The Shield, and Reigns in particular. It makes complete sense that The Shield guys would be the focus of the WWE’s summer angle. Although Daniel Bryan will of course be in top tier storylines, and he will remain a top focus for WWE. The company is simply looking to the future like always and building up new stars that can be a huge part of WWE for years to come.