Johnny Depp Might Be In Kevin Smith’s ‘Tusk’

Johnny Depp in Tusk

Did Johnny Depp work with Kevin Smith on the sly for the director’s new film Tusk? It looks like he might have! Reports are coming after Tusk actor Justin Long leaked the news that Depp has a role in Kevin Smith’s next directorial project.

Before we get into what role Johnny Depp has in Tusk, let’s get into the specifics of Smith’s new film. Tusk is about a journalist who stumbles upon an exciting story about Mr. Howe, who is a worldwide adventurer filled with adventurous stories and a liking for walruses. Smith, who wrote the film cast Justin Long as the journalist, while Michael Parks plays Mr. Howe. In addition, the film also stars Genesis Rodriguez and The Sixth Sense star Haley Joel Osment.

Tusk is uniquely based off of one of Kevin Smith’s SModcast stories that emerged from one of his podcasts that he hosts on a regular basis. Depp’s involvement in a Kevin Smith film comes as a bit of a surprise seeing as he wasn’t in any of the earlier press releases.

In an interview with Long Island Newsday, star of Tusk, Justin Long he let it slip that, “Johnny Depp is in that one,” referring to Tusk.

According to The Wrap, Depp might be playing a French-Canadian character named Guy Lapointe. His character is an inspector, who investigates “the bizarre case of a man trapped in a walrus costume.”

Although Smith has had huge stars like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in his films before, aside from Bruce Willis, any star that stepped foot on his set essentially grew up in the industry with Smith. For instance, the first film Affleck appeared in of Smith’s was Chasing Amy which happened just before his first Oscar nomination and eventual win for Good Will Hunting. As it just so happens Smith helped get Good Will Hunting off the ground by pushing it towards Miramax.

Like most of his tidbits Kevin Smith hinted back in September on Twitter that he had a famous face that was involved in Tusk. Although the tweet was cryptic, Smith expressed that it was a career highlight, which doesn’t come lightly because of his previous work that featured some serious star power.

In addition to his role in Tusk, Johnny Depp has the exciting film Transcendence coming out soon, and London Fields. Other than that he also has Disney’s Into The Woods and Mortdecai.

[Image Credit: GK Films]