Conan O’Brien Says MTV Movie Awards Will Have Nudity And Grumpy Cat

MTV Movie Awards

If you’re watching the MTV Movie Awards this upcoming weekend, then you’re about to see a whole lot of Conan O’Brien. The host of the MTV Movie Awards has promised that he’s going to strip down as host.

Fortunately O’Brien’s comments are in jest, of course as the TBS host elaborated, “I’ve been preparing for this job for several years. I knew I’d be doing the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, so I’ve been doing a series of isometrics, underwater exercises, Pilates and Greco-Roman wrestling, which had no benefit to my body, but I strangely enjoyed it. My body is in incredible shape, and you might be seeing some of that on the show.”

The host isn’t worried about other competing shows that will be vying to win the hours that the MTV Movie Awards will be broadcast during. It seems like O’Brien is taking everything in stride as he joked about the very popular show’s Game of Thrones, and AMC’s Mad Men, which is premiering its last season.

“Game of Thrones’ is a complete waste of everyone’s time. The dragons attack everyone and eat their face on Sunday night. That’s what happens, so don’t even bother watching. ‘Mad Men’? Yawn. OK. Someone had too much to drink and slept with somebody. Whatevs, OK? MTV Movie Awards, that’s the show to watch.”

Although the MTV Movie Awards won’t be anything like his gig hosting the Emmys, which he took on in both 2002 and 2006, it seems that this venue suits Conan’s eccentric taste.

“It’s the most flames I’ve ever been around in my life. I’ve been working in show business for a long time, and every single part of the set explodes into flames at one point during the show.”

As for celebrities, you can count the usuals to be on hand like Johnny Depp, Kate Upton, and Mark Wahlberg, although one little guy may steal the big show, and that’s none other than internet sensation Grumpy Cat.

“Grumpy Cat will be in attendance, we’re told. We were told through Grumpy Cat’s people. Grumpy Cat is sort of like the Pope. You hear rumors. Maybe you’ll get an audience with Grumpy Cat, maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll get a blessing from Grumpy Cat? It’s very difficult. I think it’s easier to get to Jay-Z right now than it is to get to Grumpy Cat.”

The MTV Movie Awards will air on Sunday, April 13.

[Image Credit: MTV]