Johnny Depp Subpoenaed: Woman Claims Possible Rendezvous Caused Murder

Did Johnny Depp Really Date Nancy Lekon?

During the premiere of his new sci-fi film, Transcendence, Oscar-nominated actor Johnny Depp was served a subpoena to prove that some woman named Nancy Lekon is insane, according to a report from TMZ.

In 2009, Lekon ran over 25-year-old Sonia Tauanuu with a Cadillac limousine and dragged her for a mile to her death in Los Angeles’ Skid Row. At the time of her arrest, she said that she and Johnny Depp were scheduled to have a rendezvous.

The original 2009 report from the Los Angeles Times states that Lekon and Tauanuu got into an argument, and that is when Lekon got into the limousine and intentionally ran her over. The Los Angeles Police Department said Tauanuu was pronounced dead at the scene by witnesses, and it is unclear why the two began fighting.

There is not a single mention of Johnny Depp in the original report. However, one has to wonder if Lekon will bring it up and say she and Tauanuu were arguing over who gets to meet up with Depp.

Lekon has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, and is scheduled to go on trial for the case later this month. Her lawyer has summoned Johnny Depp to possibly stand trial to prove that she is insane. The most likely outcome is that Johnny will take the stand and tell the court that he does not know her and the two have never met.

Depp recently got engaged to Amber Heard, who is almost half his age. However, Johnny attended the Transcendence premiere alone, according to Just Jared, since Heard had to be in New York for production on her new film, When I Live My Life Over Again. She has also not commented on the situation.

And speaking of insane, that’s just the kind of character Johnny Depp will be playing in Transcendence. The film, directed by Wally Pfister, has Depp playing a terminally ill scientist, who is working on making a machine that has both the knowledge of every single thing imaginable and the full range of human emotions. The scientist then becomes hungrier for more information and begins to turn his experiment into a quest for power.

Johnny Depp will appear as a hologram for most of the film, Pfister said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. He explained that Rebecca Hall, who plays Depp’s wife in the film, would be in one room, and Depp would be in a “dark booth” with a camera on him, so the two could do their scenes together.

“We wanted to have dimension, more like a hologram, which is why it became a visual effect,” Pfister added.

Transcendence also stars Cillian Murphy, Kate Mara, Morgan Freeman, and Paul Bettany. The film opens nationwide on April 18.