Greta Van Susteren Confronts Candidate Who Declared War On Fox News [Video]

Greta Van Susteren confronts candidate who wants to declare war on Fox News

Greta Van Susteren met face-to-face with a would-be Democrat Congressional candidate who claimed on Twitter that he would “wage war” on the Tea Party, Fox News, NRA and “other trash.”

Mike Dickinson backpedaled to some degree on the Van Susteren’s On the Record show, and it later turned out he didn’t even file paperwork to run in Virginia’s Seventh Congressional District against Republican incumbent Eric Cantor.

In the relatively playful interview, Dickinson Told Van Susteren he didn’t have a problem with her personally, he had a problem with the company she works for in attacking Obama constantly and encouraging people to fight the government. He also claimed that the Tea Party was misrepresenting the intentions of the movement.

Greta Van Susteren called out Dickinson for complaining about partisan bickering, when he was engaged in partisan bickering on Twitter. She also accused him of “having a potato in his ear” with regard to his criticism of the coverage of the Nevada rancher controversy on Fox News.

In his bio, Dickinson claimed that he was the CEO of some strip clubs, but as Van Susteren revealed, he was only a consultant. “You got me there,” he admitted.

When asked why he was interesting in seeking public office, Dickinson explained that “I’m running for office because I think we need politicians that say what they think ad who don’t hold back. We should not sugar coat, we should not lie…”

Van Susteren concluded the interview by referring to Dickinson as “a piece of work.”

Watch the interview embedded below and draw your own conclusions.

The deadline for filing paperwork to run against Cantor was April 10 at 5 pm. Dickinson never submitted the necessary forms to actually run for Congress, but he evidently did not disclose this key fact when he appeared with Greta Van Susteren.

Cantor is apparently running for reelection unopposed.