Lisa Vanderpump: Husband Ken Todd Being Sued Yet Again

Lisa Vanderpump and KEn Todd

Lisa Vanderpump, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s husband Ken Todd, has just been slapped with another lawsuit following an alleged bar brawl he had with two brothers at his West Hollywood establishment, P.U.M.P.

The lawsuit, which was filed in a Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday by Kevin and David Cazaref, claims that Todd was rude to Kevin Cazaref regarding his demolishing some concrete as part of the scope of refurbishment works.

When Cazaref told Todd to show him how to do it properly, the latter allegedly became aggressive in manner and started pushing Cazaref hard on the chest before grabbing his work tools.

The construction workers claim that after police spoke to Todd about his behaviour he offered to give Cazaref “a sum of money as a gesture of good faith.” They apparently negotiated a fee on their way to Todd’s bank but those negotiations broke down.

Apparently, at that point Todd “started to shout at them and accused them in a loud voice that everyone around could hear of ‘blackmailing’ him.” This isn’t the only time Ken Todd has been hit with a lawsuit relating to his P.U.M.P venue.

Last year, Todd was sued by two men who claimed that they had intended to open a sports-themed gay bar at the site. but had that opportunity stolen from them by Todd. In the same year, the trouble with the Cazaref brothers started.

Then, Todd filed a suit against the brothers claiming that one of them threw a machine at him causing “serious and permanent injury to plaintiff’s lower body, including his hip, leg and knee.”

It remains to be seen what the result of the counter-suit brought against Lisa Vanderpump‘s husband Ken Todd will be, and how much, if any, damages he will be asked to pay.