Loot Crate Delivers Epic Nerd Goodies On A Monthly Basis! [VIDEO]

It seems that nerd and geek culture has done two things over the last two decades. First, it became more socially acceptable. Before, enjoying anything of a nerd or geek culture was stereotypical of the Comic Book Guy seen in The Simpsons. That has changed so much that the second thing is that the popularity for nerd and geek culture has boomed exponentially.

This includes certain intricacies within time and space to bring it to this point. For example, Disney’s investment in Marvel has increased the quality tenfold for Marvel movies. The dubbing of the inductive series Pokemon and Dragonball Z has brought Japanese animation to the western front. Even the failure of the Japanese video game industry over the past decade has upped the ante for western game developers bringing classics such as Halo: Combat Evolved or The Last of Us. Even conventions, such as Megacon 2014, are outselling past expectations.

Now there is a new subscription service that caters to the highest degree of fanaticism to nerds and geeks alike. Introducing Loot Crate, a subscription service that mails paraphernalia of the culture to its fanbase. How does it work? Subscribers have a choice for a monthly subscription of $19.37, three month subscription of $55.11, or a six month subscription of $105.99. The prices listed include shipping in handling since this writer didn’t want to beat around the bush with sales pitch lines.

This subscription service is even officially supported by Capcom, DC Collectables, Marvel, Star Wars, and Nintendo. This means each crate is guaranteed to have plenty of high-quality stuff!

Probably the coolest part of Loot Crate is that every crate has a specific theme. For example, last month’s theme was TITAN!, ergo the crates delivered to subscribers consisted of the following nerd and geek culture goodies:

  1. Exclusive Titanfall T-Shirt – Respawn & EA
  2. Attack on Titan Manga: 1 – Random House
  3. Titanfall C101 Lanyard – Respawn & Loot Crate Labs
  4. Attack on Titan Scouting Regiment Wristband – GE Animation
  5. Attack on Titanfall Magnet – Loot Crate Labs
  6. Titanfall Premium Strategy eGuide – Prima Games

As seen above, Loot Crate makes exclusive content too. #5 is a combination of Attack on Titan and Titanfall in a magnet. It gives the nerd and geek fans something unique besides all the other goodies they’ll receive.

The month of April’s theme is DRAGON! and this writer is excited to see what will be included. Most likely, something based on How To Train Your Dragon 2 may be in the crate. Since Capcom is one of the providers, something based on Dragon’s Dogma may be included too.

By the publishing of this article, there will be a little over seven days to order, if subscribers want to receive their DRAGON! crate. If the nerd and geek goodies surrounding the theme is exciting, feel free to subscribe on their official website.

[Image via Cropped Screen Capture]