Viriginia Man Arrested For Putting Girlfriend's Baby in Scalding Hot, 150 Degree Water

One Virginia man is in hot water after literally placing his girlfriend's son in scalding hot water. According to WAGT-TV, Shaquille Hancock of Rocky Mount, VA has been arrested and indicted on charges of felony child abuse, child endangerment and cruelty charges.

The Rocky Mount Police Department issued a public statement in regards to the incident, which occurred on Thursday, Mar. 13. The officer also gave brief details about Hancock's arrest. In the investigative report, officer Jason Divers explained that the 19-year-old man was supposedly taking care of his girlfriend's 2-year-old son. Hancock claimed he was attempting to give the baby a bath when he put him a tub of 149 degree water.

The baby was rushed to the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center when his mother returned. However, the investigative report also indicated that Hancock did not seek immediate medical care for the child. Unfortunately, police were unable to determine how long the child may have suffered before his mother returned. The baby spent a full week in the hospital's burn unit where he was treated for second-degree burns to his feet and buttocks.

The investigation was initially expected to be an ongoing process, as police were trying to determine whether the incident was accidental or intentional. However, the investigation may move along quite expeditiously if what medical experts are saying is true. The experts are purporting that Hancock's actions may have been intentional. Divers explained that the child's reaction could serve as a tell-tale sign. Due to the nature of his injuries, it almost appears as though he was forced to sit in the water.

"A 2-year-old would be combative once placed in this bath water," Divers said. "We believe the child remained in there, was not taken out of the bathtub."
While that particular theory is only hypothetical, it does raise speculation that will most likely be considered to determine the ruling of the incident.

Hancock was booked into Franklin County jail. He has since been released on bond. In compliance with the protective order that has been filed, Hancock cannot go anywhere near the child.

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