Heidi Klum Compares Herself To Other Working Moms

Mom of four and self-proclaimed shoe hoarder, Heidi Klum, certainly has a lot on her plate. Along with motherhood, Heidi juggles filming the shows Project Runway, America's Got Talent, and Germany's Next Top Model. Add to that the clothing and bedding line for children, Truly Scrumptious, that she designs for Babies R Us, and we wonder when Heidi Klum has any time left to sleep! Klum has found a way to balance family life and busy career, all the while looking as if she has just stepped from a fresh shower after a night full of peaceful sleep.

In an interview with Celebrity Baby Scoop, Heidi Klum talks a little bit about life as a single working mother (she is divorced from ex-husband, Seal), and how she strikes a balance between all the different parts of her life. Says Klum, "I think I do it like other working moms, it's just that for me, other people get to see it because I am on TV and do different things. When other moms go to an office from nine to five, I go into a studio and shoot something. It's the same, but it just looks different from the outside. My hours are similar and I'm quite lucky that I have the weekends off and can ask to start earlier so that I can come home earlier. I have a lot more freedom, in a way."

Although Heidi Klum enjoys a successful, busy career, her children (Leni, Henry, Johan, and Lou) are a priority, and she makes certain that she spends time with them. On Saturdays Heidi takes her kids to soccer and gymnastics, and her older son is currently playing flag football. Heidi Klum says in the past their interests included ice skating, painting, and karate. In fact, her younger son has helped in the design of some pieces in her Truly Scrumptious line. Klum says, "He loves to paint, so he designed some monsters that we printed onto the shirts." Whatever activity they choose to pursue, Heidi Klum is right there in the midst of it, cheering them on.

When asked what is her favorite part of being a mom, Heidi responded, "That is so hard, because there are so many amazing things. I would say the love that you feel with a child. For me, having a family is life and I understood once I had children how amazing it is, and that nothing else is really important but them."

It is plain to see that Heidi Klum adores her children and spends as much time with them as possible. But is she truly like other moms? Can Heidi, in her celebrity status, even understand what it is to be a "normal" working mom? Perhaps not, any more than majority of us cannot comprehend what it would mean to raise children in the spotlight, while the entire world is watching.

How do you think Heidi Klum compares to other single, working moms?

[Image via Track of Cinema]