Ana Trujillo, The Stiletto Shoe Murderer, Sentenced To Life In Prison

Ana Trujillo, known for murdering her boyfriend with a Stiletto, has been handed a life sentence for her actions. According to ABC News, the Houston jury gave Trujillo the maximum sentence of life in prison.

Trujillo was found guilty Tuesday of murdering boyfriend Dr. Stefan Andersson of Sweden. According to a previous report by The Inquisitr, Trujillo was accused of bludgeoning Andersson to death with her blue stilettos. She reportedly struck Andersson 25 times in the head, face and arms.

According to the Washington Post, Trujillo could be seen silently crying as her sentence was handed down. Yesterday Trujillo took the stand and tried to make the jury believe that she was only acting in self defense in hopes that they would give her a lesser sentence.

“I never meant to hurt him,” Trujillo said Friday before the judge made the jury’s decision final. “It was never my intent. I loved him. I wanted to get away. I never wanted to kill him.”

Throughout the trial, Ana Trujillo’s defense maintained that she was only acting in self defense when she grabbed her stiletto and began beating Andersson with it. In an interview with ABC News last January, Trujillo claimed that Andersson would become both verbally and physically abusive when he began drinking.

“Sometimes he would drink so much that he would, like pass out. All of a sudden, he would wake up, and he would be looking at me, and he would start yelling and screaming…. ‘What are you doing? You don’t belong here,’ he would start yelling at me, things that didn’t make any sense to me.”

While Trujillo’s defense was busy painting Andersson as a violent drunk, the prosecution was busy painting Trujillo as a “crazy” and violent individual. According to ABC News, prosecutor Sarah Mickelson told the court during closing arguments today that Ana Trujillo wasn’t “just crazy,” but claimed that “she is scary crazy.”

Trujillo wasn’t the only one upset about her guilty verdict. Trujillo’s attorney, Jack Carroll told the jury the following during closing arguments today:

“I thought I had convinced you all. I knew I failed in my duty. I missed something there. You took less than two hours (to find Trujillo guilty). I missed something, what did I miss?”

While Trujillo and her attorney were upset by the jury’s final decision to hand down a punishment of life in prison, Andersson’s family was pleased. According to the Washington Post, Andersson’s niece, Iva Olofsson said “my uncle was a great man. He was kind. He didn’t deserve what happened to him. We are happy that justice is served.”

Ana Trujillo’s final sentence reportedly carries a mandatory sentence of 30 years before she becomes eligible for parole at the age of 75.

[Image via Houston Chronicle Twitter Feed]