Time Travel Photos By Dinah DiNova And Chino Otsuka Blow The Mind

The time travel photos created by Dinah DiNova and Chino Otsuka will make you take a second look, if only to figure out how they were pulled off.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a supposed time traveler video from 1938 showed a woman holding a cell phone, but that doesn't beat the supposed time travel photos of Jay-Z found in a library. Scientists apparently disagree whether time travel is theoretically possible in the first place. Some claim that time travel like in the movie Looper may actually be possible. But according to a study from Hong Kong, time travel is impossible, although recently another study claimed time travel was possible... just going forward, not in reverse. Of course, I'm personally just hoping scientists never go all Stein's Gate on us.

The Art Of Time Travel

DiNova and Otsuka are both artists who have come up with their own unique take on time travel photos. Otsuka has created a series of time travel photos she calls Imagine Finding Me, which she explains as only being possible using computers:
"The digital process becomes a tool, almost like a time machine, as I'm embarking on the journey to where I once belonged and at the same time becoming a tourist in my own history."
Her trick for creating these time photos is to digitally insert an adult version of herself into photos taken when she was a child. Check them out:

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Now Dinah DiNova has used a different technique that combines new ideas with old technology in order to create her time travel photos. She's resurrected the usage of tintype photography, which was the very first photographic process to become affordable to all Americans:

"It was this huge turning point in the history of photography, because all of a sudden, so many people could afford to have their photographs taken. And because they're on metal, they have lasted for a long time, leaving us this very rich, beautiful lineage of different classes, races, genders, and people that otherwise would have really fallen through the cracks. Now [because of this process] we get to hold on to them and still have them in our cultural identity."
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The reason that some viewers describe her work as "surreal time travel" photos is because of the approach Dinah takes with her work:

"My photographs really blurs the lines between the modern day and the past in this very confusing but beautiful way. I love it when people can't figure out right away who these people are or what they're doing. You have to sit with a photograph for some time and really let it sink in."
What do you think about the time travel photos by these artists?