Appendix Lawsuit Claims The Doctor Forgot To Do The Surgery [Video]

When it comes to surgery for an appendix, a lawsuit claims the patient did not leave the hospital with that empty feeling they should have... because the appendix was still inside, having never been removed by the doctor.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, medical malpractice lawsuits can sometimes be quite bizarre. For example, one man sued doctors for falsely being diagnosed as having AIDS, but then one 28-year-old man sued a hospital for circumcising him as a baby. Of course, nothing beats the lawsuit over a hospital that supposedly ignored a man's five hour-long erection.

In this case, the appendix lawsuit is being filed by 43-year-old William McCormack, who returned to the hospital a year later complaining about severe abdominal pains similar to symptoms typically associated with potentially fatal appendix problems. He was shocked to discover that his appendix was still firmly in place even though he'd supposedly had it removed via surgery in 2013. Fortunately, the man survived the emergency appendectomy

McCormack is now suing Lawrence Hospital and doctor Michael Kerin, who supposedly removed his appendix. Lawsuit documentation claims a "yellowish mass" was indeed removed from his body but attorney's claim the doctors knew this was not the appendix but ignored the mistake:

"We have the pathology report from Lawrence Hospital after the first operation which says what was presented to the pathology department was not the appendix. It said it was a three centimeter yellowish mass."
Kerin allegedly told McCormack "that his appendix was removed, and all was otherwise satisfactory." But the lawyers say otherwise:
"Lawrence Hospital never notified Mr. McCormack that there was no evidence of an appendix in the specimen... despite its knowledge that the specimen marked 'appendix' was not an appendix and/or that something had gone amiss in the operation conducted by Dr. Kerin."
McCormack's appendix lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages for the mishap.