Nirvana Unites With Lorde And Joan Jett At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Event [Video]

As previously reportedm the rumors about Joan Jett taking the place of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain for a special tribute turned out to be true. As suspectedm Joan Jett wasn’t alone on stage at the Rock Hall of Fame for the four-song tribute performance. She, along with the remaining members of Nirvana, Sonic Youth vocalist Kim Gordon, St. Vincent, and Lorde, took the stage to pay tribute to the band at the event.

The assorted rockers and newcomer Lorde, who wasn’t even alive when Nirvana’s hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was released, banded together to perform four songs. Joan Jett sang “Smells Like Teen Spirit” while Gordon took on the song “Aneurysm,” and St. Vincent performed “Lithium.” The last performance came from Lorde, who covered “All Apologies” with bassist Krist Novoselic, drummer and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, and guitarist Pat Smear.

R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe, who was also a close friend of Kurt Cobain’s, was on hand to officially induct the band into the Hall of Fame.

Joan Jett has openly discussed her love for Nirvana prior to lending a helping hand in the epic tribute. Of the late Kurt Cobain, Jett said he was “a great guitar player and a great singer.”

Back in 1996m the “I Love Rock N Roll” singer highlighted the band during an interview. Jett said back then, she “used to listen to [Nirvana] all the time… day and night.”

Singer Lorde was of course the youngest of the group of performers that honored the legendary Seattle grunge band, but with that in mind it was still a great experience for her. In fact, Lorde recounted the first time she saw Nirvana when she was 10-years-old. Of the moment, Lorde said, “I don’t sound anything like Nirvana or Pearl Jam, but seeing that it was possible, you know, suburban kids with something to say that could find an audience was an inspiration.”

Out of the group of performers that paid their respects, Lorde stands as the only artist that received her own tribute. Nirvana’s Novoselic played a cover of Lorde’s Top 40 song “Royals” on the accordion to raise awareness to the Fair Vote campaign.

Later on, Lorde took to Twitter to express just how exciting the tribute was for her.

Lorde Nirvana

Other artists involved in the ceremony also took to Twitter to express their joy in paying respects to Nirvana

It wouldn’t be a Nirvana event without Kurt Cobain’s wife Courtney Love tweeting about the event:

Last night, Nirvana played a special ‘secret” show after the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame event. Check out the performance below: