‘Frozen’ Star Idina Menzel Moves Past Travolta Name Flub To Headline Broadway

It wasn’t that long ago that Idina Menzel was announced to the world by John Travolta as Adele Dazeem, as Travolta struggled to get the songstress’s name correct when introducing the Frozen star to the audience at the Oscars. The Inquisitr previously covered the now infamous flub of Idina Menzel’s name, and how within seconds Idina moved past the moment to wow the Oscar audience with her performance of “Let it Go” from the Disney movie Frozen.

Now Idina Menzel’s name, properly spelled,and properly pronounced we can assume, is headlining a new show on Broadway called If/Then. Menzel recently spoke with USA Today about her new show, and what it’s like dealing with a full-time Broadway schedule with a 4-year=old son to take care of.

“This is the first time I’ll be doing eight shows a week with a child,” Menzel told USA Today regarding her return to Broadway in If/Then. “I’ve taken him on the road with me. I’ve taken him on a tour bus,” she said of her son Walker.

Walker’s father is actor Taye Diggs. He and Menzel split last year.

Idina also spoke with USA Today about what life is like now that she’s landed her new role.

“(It) can be chaotic, but it’s also just made me more calm. It sets my priorities straight,” Menzel said. “I don’t get as much sleep, but whatever it may be, I get up there and I’m more relaxed.”

While making the rounds to promote her new If/Then Broadway show, Idina also stopped by CBS, where she was asked what it was like to not just be one of the big names on the marquee, but THE big name up in lights for a Broadway show.

“It’s kind of scary, yeah,” said Menzel. “I feel a tremendous responsibility to sell tickets. My name’s up up there on the marquee, Broadway, I get into that vibe. And then other days, like, I freak out a little bit.”

Idina Menzel’s new show, If/Then, is a story of a woman who is struggling with the choices that change her life.

“It makes my parents happy, having a Jewish girl from Long Island make it to Broadway — that’s it, you know?,” Idina told CBS‘s Tracy Smith.

With a list of accomplishments that continue to grow, Idina Menzel is continuing to make a name for herself, and making sure everyone will know how to pronounce it when she is introduced. But Idina still has dreams for the future of things she would still like to accomplish.

“I’d like to do a concert at Madison Square Garden; that would be great.”

At this rate, Idina Menzel could have her name up in lights nearly anywhere she wants.