Johnny Depp Is Ready To Rock

Is Johnny Depp having a mid-life meltdown? First our Johnny gets engaged to a starlet almost half his age and then the 50-year-old makes noises about wanting to reform his old band.

Perhaps the adulation of Amber Heard has rejuvenated Depp, and the rich red blood is once again pumping fast and furious through Johnny’s veins. As Depp well knows, there’s nothing quite like a new romance to put the bite and bark back in an old scraggy dog who’s been feeling the burn and carrying the spread of old age.

Yet, Depp’s rumored decision to reform the band he split from 30 years ago carries the odious reek of a mammoth and hugely entertaining mid-life crisis in the making. Next thing you know, Depp will be dressing up like a pirate, talking like a cockney sparrow, and getting some new ink, dude.

Depp is apparently desperate to once again hold his lead guitar aloft and enjoy the love of an audience that just wasn’t there for Johnny when he plugged in and amped up on his first run around the rock n’ roll racetrack.


With the encouragement of Amber Heard, Depp is rumored to have plans to reunite his band, The Kids, and chase the glory that was cruelly denied to Depp and his deputies three decades ago.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper about Depp’s thwarted ambitions, a source said: “He’s a frustrated rocker and for all the success he’s had as an actor, he still wishes he could make it in the music world. This will be his chance to live out his fantasies and see what might have been. But he’s nervous the music critics might give him a hard time.”

Haters gonna hate Johnny, but if Jared Leto can do it, so can you.

Depp’s band The Kids hit the scene in the early 1980s and rocked, if not a million, at least a few hundred faces before heading to the bright lights of LA and changing their name to the catchy Six Gun Method.

After Depp landed a plum role in A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Kids folded quicker than you could say, “Johnny’s sold-out to Hollywood man.”

The good news is, Johnny Depp’s old band could soon becoming to a stadium or run-down nightclub with broken toilets near your.

Now if only Russell Crowe’s Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts and Keanu Reeves’ band Dogstar would appear on the same bill as Johnny Depp’s The Kids, then you’ve got the musical event of the year right there.

Rock-on Johnny!

[Image Via CBS]