CM Punk Should Have Beat Undertaker’s Streak, Not Brock Lesnar, Declares Hitler [Video]

CM Punk should have beat Undertaker’s streak instead of Brock Lesnar according to a hilarious video that portrays Hitler hearing the news of Undertaker losing for the first time.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the question of CM Punk’s WWE return was answered by Paul Heyman on video this past week. Before WM 30 even began, we even wrote where we thought how CM Punk should have crashed WrestleMania 30.

I think the Hitler video pretty much captures the frustration that many WWE fans are feeling after WrestleMania 30. It summarizes the common complaints, some of which may have caused the WWE stock to nosedive after the event was over even though it was the single highest grossing entertainment event ever.

The original plans allegedly called for CM Punk facing off against Triple H while Daniel Bryan was only scheduled for a match against Sheamus (Phil was a big advocate for either Bryan or himself being in the main match). So, while the yes movement was certainly pleased with the way Bryan was finally allowed to make a win, many others were shocked in the manner in which the Undertaker’s streak ended, especially considering that Mark Calaway injured his neck for real in the process.

Some fans even theorized that Brock Lesnar accidentally won against Undertaker. While I’m uncertain that is the case, I will post again how I thought the match should have ended:

“If ending the streak was the plan, they should have done something amazing like have all the previous wrestlers from the streak (minus CM Punk) dress up as zombies and suddenly pop from the coffins to rescue Taker at the last moment. Or perhaps Kane could have bursts through the ring floor and yanked the Taker and Brock down to fight in hell. They could have even followed up with a video showing an epic battle for two men’s souls, with the loser forfeiting his soul and retiring. Then they both vanish.”

Regardless of complaints about Undertaker’s streak, the other main reason that fans are still upset is that CM Punk continues to be MIA. But his presence continues to be felt since CM Punk’s WWE merchandise continues to be sold, with management actually producing new materials specifically for WrestleMania 30. Unfortunately, some reports claim that Philip Brooks may not get a single dime of any of these sales since when Steve Austin left the WWE he claims he was never compensated for WWE merchandise using his Stone Cold character.

I hate to phrase it this way, but… do you agree with Hitler that CM Punk should have beat Undertaker’s streak?