MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ Does This One Thing That Other Shows Don’t

There is one thing that a lot of hit television shows can learn from MTV’s Teen Wolf, and that is to interact more with fans.

Sure, a lot of shows have Facebook or Twitter pages, but none of them are quite like the ones for Teen Wolf. The hit MTV show can also be found on YouTube and Tumblr.

A report from Zefr states that the people behind the social media channels for Teen Wolf have shared fan-made videos and images, and cast members answer fan questions immediately following the show. One cast member has even read fan tweets in a video.

Artist Former Vandal, whose real name is Quinn Wentz, created a song called “War,” which was inspired by the Teen Wolf season 3B trailer. Wentz then uploaded a video of the song to YouTube and tweeted it to his followers. The first time, he just mentioned Teen Wolf in the tweet. Wentz then shared the video again, and asked the show’s official Twitter page to check it out. The second time caught someone’s attention, and that person responded to the tweet. And then cast members started to weigh in on Wentz’s video.

Wentz’s channel originally had 53 subscribers. After the success of “War,” he now has almost 2,500. MTV even shared his video during an airing of Teen Wolf.

“It was completely surreal,” he said in an interview with Hypable. “I was so honored to be noticed and supported by the very people that inspired the song.”

Wentz said he came up with the idea for “War” during a “dryspell” in his music career. He then decided to find inspiration in the things that would take him away from music, and one of those happens to be Teen Wolf.

“I watched the trailer and just picked up where last season left us, combined with the trailer, and came up with ‘War,'” he said.

Wentz also made a second part to “War,” which is a much slower, more ballad-like song. The inspiration for this didn’t come until one critical moment in Teen Wolf‘s third season.

“I saw the way a lot of people connected so deeply with the lyrics of the original version,” he said.

Wentz said he will “definitely” be making music videos for season four.

“I have so much fun with them, and people seem to really like them, so until everyone else stops having fun, I’ll keep going,” he said.

Wentz is not the only Teen Wolf fan MTV uses for promotions of the show. Tyler Oakley was recruited for The FANtastic Show for the first half of Teen Wolf‘s third season. Oakley would chat with cast members, and some fans would also appear in various episodes.

YouTube user Lohanthony came in for the second half of the third season to do The Teen Wolf After, After Show. Here, he chatted with the cast and talked about the most recent episode.

Lohanthony is also the host of Pack Reacts, where he reacts to Teen Wolf fans’ reactions on each episode. Fans send in videos via Instagram with the hashtag #packreacts.

Wolf Watch has the cast interacting with a different fan each week via Skype. This is done in a talk-show format, and the fan is chosen based on art, music, videos, or some other Teen Wolf-related creation that he or she did. That fan is called The Alpha of the Week.

All of these shows can be found on

Despite the loss of two major characters, executive producer Jeff Davis said season four of Teen Wolf will feature plenty of romance, according to a recent report from The Inquisitr. The relationship between Kira and Scott is just one on which the writers will focus.

“We really like that romance, so at the beginning of it, it’s going to be a little bit of a ‘are they together, are they not together?'” Davis said.