Stephen Hawking: ‘Theory Of Everything’ An Ironic Title Based Upon The Science

Stephen Hawking’s Theory Of Everything will be launching this fall, and will focus on a dramatic reenactment of his personal life, but does he even believe in the scientific concept behind the title?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Stephen Hawking has made some pretty controversial statements this past year, saying that assisted death for the disabled should be a right. On the science side, first he claimed that the discovery of the Higgs Boson makes physics boring, and then he even smashed many a SciFi fan’s fantasies by declaring that “black holes do not exist.” He also made the startling claim that human beings as a species will die out within 1,000 years if we do not manage to reach out into space.

When I first saw headlines that the Theory Of Everything was the main focus of the new movie featuring the life of Stephen Hawking, I was pretty excited. After all, that idea has been debated for decades, and I thought perhaps new insight had been gleaned since the release of his 2010 book, Grand Design. But instead it turns out the new movie reads like a chick flick:

“This extraordinary love story between one of the greatest minds of our time, Stephen Hawking, and his first wife Jane is profoundly moving and inspirational, with heart and humor. Under the dynamic direction of James Marsh, Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones deliver performances of stunning emotional power.”

Now this is not the first recent movie to tackle the idea of Hawking in theaters. The Christian movie God’s Not Dead referenced the Grand Design specifically in the context of the story, although the title referenced a phrase by Friedrich Nietzsche (but it did not explain the context of the phrase, which was intended to mean God was dead in relation to how people live their lives, or as a moral compass). But it also criticized one key claim by Hawking in the book:

“Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist. It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.”

This statement was made in relation to Hawking’s still developing beliefs on the theory of everything, the idea that there is a unifying theory that can ultimately explain everything in the universe. Stephen Hawking was originally a believer in the Theory of Everything, but over time he concluded there doesn’t exist, even in principle, a single comprehensive theory of the universe:

“Some people will be very disappointed if there is not an ultimate theory, that can be formulated as a finite number of principles. I used to belong to that camp, but I have changed my mind.”

That quote was from 2002, but the recent search for the Higgs Boson managed to shoot down various string theory models along the way. The best contender is M-theory, but many disagree on which form it should take, including whether it’s just a patchwork of string theory models or a single Theory Of Everything. But even with the huge degree of doubt being the scientific elephant in the room, Hawking believes M-theory has developed to the point that God is not necessary… assuming the existence of a gravitational law rooted in the concept of a multiverse, which supposedly allows a self-creating universe.

What do you think about Stephen Hawking and his search for the Theory Of Everything? What do you think about his statements about God?