Family Eats No Sugar For An Entire Year, How Do They Feel Afterwards?

A Vermont mom read that sugar was really bad for people and so after doing some research, which showed truly disturbing information, she and her family decided to do an experiment and eat no sugar for an entire year. How did they feel after?

In one word, great.

This is how things happened. In 2011, Eve Schaub, along with her husband and two children, decided they would eliminate added sugars from their diet.

Schaub says she was generally healthy, or so she thought, before their experiment began; however, she lacked the energy she needed to take her through the day and dreaded flu season.

The mom of two, read how sugar is making Americans fat and sick, because it is added to mostly every single food we ingest in the US.

Some of the disturbing things Schaub found out about ingesting sugar is that one in seven Americans suffers from metabolic syndrome, one in three Americans is obese, the rate of diabetes incidences is through the roof, and cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the US.

Studies suggest that all these health problems can be tracked down to one culprit: sugar.

Armed with the new information, the New England mom set on the task of eating no sugar, which included any kind of sweetener be it natural or artificial, fruit juices, and sugar alcohols. The only sweet food they ate was fresh fruit.

After having no sugar for a whole year and completely changing their lifestyles, Schaub and her family could feel the difference.

First it was an increase in energy levels, the longer the family went with no sugar the more energetic they felt, but the biggest surprise came on her husband’s birthday, when he requested his favorite dessert: banana cream pie.

It was not an enjoyable experience to have that mouthful of sugar any longer and the “treat” soon became something nobody was looking forward to.

But that is not all, eating the piece of pie made her physically sick:

“It actually made my teeth hurt. My head began to pound and my heart began to race. I felt awful.”

“It took a good hour lying on the couch holding my head before I began to recover. ‘Geez,’ I thought, ‘has sugar always made me feel bad, but because it was everywhere, I just never noticed it before?’

Pretty startling. The best thing of a year of no sugar for the Schaub family is that everyone was healthier, with the kids missing less school than ever before, they don’t run out of energy, and when flu season comes around, they don’t hide at home.

After eating a no sugar diet, the whole family feels stronger and when they do get sick, they become healthy much quicker.

You can read the entire experience in Schaub’s recently published book Year Of No Sugar.

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