Rolling Stone Constitution Tattoo Goof Up

We’ve all heard of tattoo flubs, but this one is a real stinker! Leave it to Rolling Stone magazine to make a blunder of this magnitude. Next month’s issue features Julia Louis-Dreyfus wearing nothing but a, hopefully, temporary tattoo of the U.S. Constitution as reported by That is all fine and well, except as we look closely at the U.S. Constitution tattoo spread across her back, at the very bottom there is a famous signature. It is the signature of John Hancock.

For those of us who know our American history, John Hancock did not sign the U.S. Constitution. He signed the Declaration of Independence. Hello? Is anyone proofing your tattoos over there, Rolling Stone? Have the editors taken a sabbatical?

One almost wonders if the Constitution tattoo blunder was done on purpose to help promote Julia’s new HBO Comedy, Veep. In fact, portraying the U.S. Vice President, Selina Meyer, in her new comedy, Julia jokingly blames her fictional communications director, Mike McClintock for the tattoo mix up per The 53-year-old Seinfeld actress tweeted, “Hancock signed Dec. of Independence NOT Constitution. Yet another Mike (expletive). Dummy.”

As if the tattoo faux pas wasn’t enough, reports that Melissa Bruno, who is a spokeswoman for Rolling Stone said “the Declaration of the Independence is (tattooed) on the other side of Louis-Dreyfus’ body, but they couldn’t fit in the signatures.” Is this supposed to be an explanation of sorts? Or just her idea of trying to be funny?

There is a simple solution before making the Constitution tattoo a permanent fixture on the cover of their magazine. It’s a website dedicated to U.S. history facts. It’s very easy to find by using Google. The site is and it lists all the people who signed the Constitution. Imagine that. Keep that handy if you ever intend to get the same tattoo.

Adding insult to injury to the tattoo boo-boo, reveals that The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia has quite a sense of humor themselves. As soon as they got wind of the tattoo mix up, they went onto their Twitter account and mocked Rolling Stone by tweeting a photo of the cover alongside such Founding Fathers as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin in Signers’ Hall with the words, ”Thanks for the shoutout but no Hancock here.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, one of the wealthiest women in America, must have truly been mortified as reports her statement, ‘”I’m a perfectionist in my work. I think I might drive people nuts. I don’t ask them, because I don’t need that (expletive) on top of how I’m feeling.” To add to the humor in it all, states that inside the Rolling Stone magazine, there is yet another picture taken by photographer Mark Seliger which depicts a man in a colonial wig tattooing Hancock’s signature at the bottom of the Constitution on Julia’s back. Proof your tattoos people.