Highway Shooting Cases In Kansas City Rise To Twenty

A string of random highway shootings have residents in the Kansas City are on edge. According to ABC News, the shootings have occurred along stretches of Interstates 435 and 470. Police stated that while the shootings have taken place on the highway, many of the shootings took place near exit ramps and interchanges.

According to CNN, local and federal authorities, including the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, are trying to find out who may behind these shooting. Police reported that there have been as many as 20 shootings that have taken place over the last month, and so far all cases seem to have been random. These shootings reportedly have taken place between March 8th and April 6th. While no new shootings have been reported since Sunday, that doesn’t mean that motorists aren’t keeping their guard up.

“Every time I pass a driver, we are both looking at one another, as we are all on the defense with the recent shootings,” Amanda Fuller reportedly said in a post on the city Police Department’s website. “It saddens me and it is a shame.”

Reports have stated that police and other investigators are working to find out if and how these highway shootings may be related, though with all the attacks happening so randomly, investigators are having a hard time piecing it all together. According to ABC News, Kansas City Police, ATF and FBI have announced a $7,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.

With the number of highway shooting cases reaching near 20, so far there have been no life threatening injuries reported. According to ABC News, two people have been shot in the legs and another was shot in the arm. Tom McFarlane described his experience with the highway shooter to ABC News affiliate KMBC-TV:

“I was just driving down the highway and heard a loud noise. Something hit the car, didn’t know what it was, so I pulled over at my first opportunity to kind of see if there was any damage and that’s when I saw the bullet hole.”

Many of the other drivers who have gone to police regarding the highway shootings have reported similar experiences. “It’s really scary to think that somebody is just out here with no regard to what could happen,” said Jennie Baugher, who recently found a bullet hole in her car.

Police stated that they will continue to investigate the situation and they want the public to know that they want their help. Any and all information should be reported to local police. Stay with The Inquisitr as this story continues to develop.

[Image via Shutterstock/Nomad_Soul]