Woman Arrested After Assaulting an Elderly Couple in a Restaurant: Incident Caught On Surveillance Camera

When you’re in a restaurant, its usually just an unspoken, common courtesy to lower your voice and censor your language while talking on a cell phone, right? Some would even argue that its vastly inappropriate to even take a call at all while in a restaurant.

Well, apparently, one Little Rock, AR woman wasn’t aware of such etiquette. But, when an elderly couple opted to address her about her actions, she became utterly irate. As a matter of fact, she took a much more physical approach in response to their request.

According to the Arkansas Times, Jocelyn Thornton was involved in a physical altercation with an elderly couple on Sunday, April 6. The Pulaski County Police Department reports that Thornton faces assault and battery charges after attacking Don Francis and his wife Bettye Francis at Cuisine of China. Unfortunately for Thornton, footage of the entire incident was caught on the restaurant’s surveillance cameras.

The 33-year-old woman was reportedly talking loudly on her cell phone. When the 74-year-old man asked if she could refrain from using profane language, she immediately felt insulted. Thornton stalked over to the couple’s table and began pushing the man into the table, while spewing obscenities at his wife. But, the altercation didn’t end there.

Thornton took things a step further by slapping the 69-year-old woman in her face. When the woman pushed her back, she grabbed her by the neck. The restaurant contacted police immediately. Thornton was arrested and taken into custody. Authorities reported that the woman suffered minor injuries – a bruise on her neck and scratches on her neck and wrist.

Thornton is being charged with 2nd degree battery and 2nd degree assault. She is currently in custody at the Pulaski County jail.

The couple has declined to speak publicly about the altercation.

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