Pot Brownies Bake Sale For Prom Dress May Get Teen Deported

Selling pot brownies to raise funds for a prom dress is certainly a creative idea. But Saira Munoz, 19, is in big trouble for selling the pot brownies to fellow classmates at River Valley High School in Yuba City, California. On Monday, Munoz was sentenced to four years probation and nine days in jail for selling the pot brownies and enlisting the help of minors. To make matters worse, information that came out during her sentencing may get the teen deported.

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According to Munoz, she came up with the plan to sell the pot brownies last spring in the hopes of making it to prom. The former River Valley student needed money to get the prom dress she wanted and apparently couldn’t think of any other way to raise the funds. Although she did work at a local restaurant, it seems that selling pot brownies would be a quicker way to put away the amount of cash she needed.

Obtaining the baked goods from an acquaintance, Munoz built a small team of sellers who helped her with distribution. At the age of 18, Munoz was an adult and could be charged as such. But her bake sale employees were minors, which eventually earned the teen a charge of felony child endangerment. It appears the teen wasn’t aware of how much trouble she could be in. Munoz’s friend Carlos Robles told reporters, “No, there’s people that deserve to be deported, and she just wasn’t one of them. There’s people that do way worse.”

Regardless of intentions, her pot brownies bake sale may get the teen deported. The plan was discovered when several students became sick after eating the brownies. Eventually, police traced the sales back to Munoz, who never quite made it to prom. She would plead no contest in the charges. Because of her arrest, it was discovered that Munoz came to the U.S. from Mexico on a temporary basis. If Immigration Services discover that her time is up, they may have the teen deported. Fellow classmates don’t believe her actions deserved deportation.

“It’s too much trouble to deport somebody for that,” said fellow student James Steerstold. Dursimrim Kalar told reporters, “She should not be deported for making weed brownies. I know lots of students who do that.”

If the teen is deported back to Mexico, she would be allowed to re-enter the country through legal channels. Her probation would still stand should she return. Lesson learned: if you want to buy a prom dress, a bake sale for pot brownies may be more trouble than it’s worth.

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