Under The Dome Gives Thrilling Season 2

Under The Dome fans have been anxiously awaiting Season 2 after the spine-chilling Season 1 finale. CBS is now teasing everyone with their Under The Dome promotional videos making it almost impossible for us to wait any longer according to ibtimes.com. Under The Dome is a drama that thrills its viewers and can even bring out the white-knuckles more times than not.

The Season 2 premiere of this sci-fi chilling drama, based on Stephen King’s novel, Under The Dome, is set to air on June 30th. So mark your calendars. You won’t want to miss the action. In perfect Stephen King form, the show follows the same page turning intensity. Fans of Under The Dome don’t quite get all the answers they need in every episode and find themselves questioning what the dome is all about, making them want to tune in every week, per webprosnews.com.

In the first episode of Under The Dome, a small town in the United States is suddenly covered by a dome and all the residents are trapped inside per webronews.com. The story then develops as these people are trapped under the dome and cut off from the rest of the world, and the reactions of the characters, and events that occur make Under The Dome the top hit that it has become as it folds out its second season.

Creator Brian K. Vaughan as told by upi.com states that two fan favorites will die this season. “No one is safe in this town,” he said. Dean Norris, known for his role in Breaking Bad, is one of the main stars in Under The Dome. His character, Big Jim, is pivotal in the story. In the promo for Season 2 of Under The Dome, it appears that random townspeople are being dragged and falling to the ground, but Big Jim remains unaffected according to enstarz.com.

Big Jim, distraught and believing he has been given special powers by the dome, kneels and begins screaming, “Tell me what to do! Tell me!!” as told by enstarz.com.

Neal Bear, executive producer of Under The Dome revealed to webpronews.com about what we can expect in the upcoming season. He said, “It will be filled with twists and turns and shocking events,” adding that “What’s outside comes inside.” Baer went on to say that Junior, played by Alexander Koch, has an uncle that has been in hiding the entire time, who may prove to be a threat for Under The Dome’s Barbie, played by Mike Vogel.

There is so much to look forward to of the Season 2 premiere of Under The Dome. Be sure not to miss it.