Jena Malone, ‘Catching Fire’ Actress, Shows Some Skin In The Shoe’s Music Video

A new music video is out showing the hot bod of Jena Malone, most widely known as Johanna Mason from Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Known for her role as a sexy killer, Jena is showing her softer side during The Shoe’s “Dead Rabbit Hopes.” You can view the video here.

The Shoe, stagename for Jena Malone, launched her music career in 2007. She signed with Pitchfork Media, an experimental music label in New York City. The label described Jena’s music as “pretty out-there – bedroom electronics, spaced-out keyboards, and Malone’s spare vocals.”

It seems that Jena has been exploring her sexy side in both acting and music. Who could forget the scene in Catching Fire that featured Jena Malone stripping in an elevator? This flowery music video shows a bit more. Or a lot more.

In a statement on the band’s Facebook page, Jena wrote “Women! Ladies, Beauties of your teen years. Little hearts that are only beginning to bud. If you do not value your body as YOUR OWN WORK OF ART, no one ever will.”

This helps a lot in understanding the message of Malone’s song/video. The theatricals are certainly artsy. Flower petals drift in the wind and fall from motion – except for the bouquet covering Jena Malone’s unmentionables. Almost tasteful and certainly provoking, @PomaikaiM tweeted to Malone: “I only wish I could be the boy from your lyrics.”

Malone comes from Sparks, Nevada, and moved to L.A. at the first chance. Jena’s been a rising star in the acting world, nabbing parts in Bastard Out of Carolina, Contatct, Stepmom, Donnie Darko, American Girl, Saved, Pride and Prejudice, The Ruins, Sucker Punch, and the Hunger Games series.

As well as starring and supporting in various TV series, Jena is focusing on pushing her music career. The band has been working on cranking the music out as well as sporting some impromptu shows. Multiple photo shoots lately have seen Jena and her band mate in a process to launch some material onto the web.

The public can expect to see Jena Malone again soon with the production of Hunger Games’ newest films, Mocking Jay Part 1 & 2 (yes – another two-parter…) as well as in a celebrity news stands. Jena has a tendency to show skin both in and out of the studio – a spotting last November at LAX got featured in the gossip columns.

Official Music Video