Powerball Numbers Miss For 5th Straight Drawing, Jackpot At $94 Million

The Powerball numbers failed to hit the jackpot for anyone who bought a ticket in the nationwide lottery game Wednesday night. The drawing was the fifth straight with no big winner, sending the jackpot to $94 million for Saturday’s Powerball game.

Only two tickets hit the “Match Five” second prize, good for $1 million. One of those was sold in New York, the other in Louisiana.

The last Powerball jackpot winner came on March 22, when a Missouri couple, John and Susan Brands, scored a $96.5 million top prize — and said they would use some of it to travel to New Zealand and visit locations where the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy was filmed.

Just three weeks before that, a $60 million ticket was sold at a Northern California gas station. And that Powerball winner hit the jackpot only 10 days after one man in Milpitas, California, won the sixth-largest lottery jackpot in U.S. history — $425.3 million. That winner, Raymond Buxton, took his Powerball winnings in a lump-sum payment, however, meaning he pocketed “only” $242.2 million before taxes.

The Wednesday Powerball drawing, in which only 356,263 tickets won any prize at all — 309,138 of those good for just the minimum $4 payout — saw the lowest ticket sales of any lottery drawing worth at least $80 million in almost two years. The total number of tickets sold, 14,001,977 was fewer than any with that jackpot value since July 11 of 2012, when an identical $80 million jackpot attracted just 13,771,725 ticket purchases.

So, was your Powerball ticket one of the winners from Wednesday’s drawing? Check your numbers against the following six, drawn at 10:59 pm in Tallahassee, Florida.

914444849 Powerball 29

The jackpot for Saturday’s Powerball drawing now elevates to $94 million for a winner who chooses the annuity option, of 30 annual payments averaging $3,133,333 each. The “cash value” of the April 12 drawing will be $54 million — which comes to an estimated $40.5 million after Uncle Sam takes his share.