April Fools Day Prank On Professor Still Cracking Up The Internet

April Fools day may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the day’s pranks have stopped cracking up the internet. Many of this years pranks brought a smile to faces everywhere, but one prank still has the internet in stitches!

Professor Stephen Barrow, a Professor at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, fell victim to one of the best April Fools jokes I’ve seen yet. Professor barrow, much like teachers around the country have a policy against using cell phones in class. The Professor’s cell phone policy is that if your cell phone goes off during his class, then you must answer it on speakerphone.

Now, let’s be honest here, many teachers and Professors around the country share this same policy. While it may work as a form of humiliation for some, it’s ultimately supposed to work as a lesson to simply turn your phone off while in class. According to the Huffington Post, one of Professor Barrow’s macroeconomics classes decided to use his own cell phone policy to pull the ultimate April Fools prank on him.

In the video, which was captured on one of the student’s cell phones, a female student’s cell phone can be heard going off. Professor Barrow can be seen with a grin on his face as the student answers. That grin and joking demeanor quickly fades away as the conversation quickly turns rather personal.

“Hi, this is Kevin from the Pregnancy Resource Center. Per your request, I am calling to inform you that the test results have come back positive. Congratulations!”

At this point, Professor Barrow isn’t feeling up to making jokes about the situation as he can be heard apologizing and telling the student that she “should shut it down,” though the conversation continues on:

“There is no need to worry,” Kevin continues on to say. “I know you told us that the father is no longer in the picture, but we will be in contact with you throughout this whole process, so don’t worry about anything. We provide counseling and other maternity services at no charge.”

It’s at this point that the phone call ends and it’s more than clear that Professor Barrows is regretting having his student answer such a personal call in class for all to hear. The Professor can be heard apologizing repeatedly to the student who keeps her cool as she responds with:

“That’s okay. I’ve been expecting this, and I already know what I’m going to name the baby. Her first name will be April, and her middle name will be Fools.”

It only takes Professor Barrows a few seconds to realize that he has been duped, and to everyone’s relief, he breaks into laughter along with the rest of the class. His comments to his class were “that was awesome,” and “I will treasure that.”

At least Professor Barrows had a sense of humor! What do you think of this class’s April Fools joke on their Professor?

[Image via YouTube]